What’s Respite Care and What are the Benefits?

Respite care is a term that is used for a caring service which allows you to take a break from your caring duties. It is a service that allows you to attend to your business or leisure while your loved ones are being cared for by a paid carer from a social service provider. The reason why there is a separate term for this service is because it’s temporary, or periodic. It does not shift all responsibility off the shoulders of you.

Types of Respite Care

The way respite care works is very dynamic. It may involve a person coming in regularly to check up on the patient, taking them to a group activity or caring for them during some hours of the day. 

Depending on how you want to be assisted, you can get respite care to let the person you look after stay in a care home while you take a break or spend a few hours with them if you need to leave for an urgent business. To list a few, the following are some respite care options for you.

Daycare Centre A daycare centre helps ill and disabled people socialise and engage in activities they can’t do at home. You can search for your local social service provider and arrange a stay for your dependent. These centres allow you to move about freely while leaving their loved ones in good hands.

Homecare from a Paid Carer → If you are caring for someone and are unable to make time for yourself and your needs, you can hire a paid carer to assist you at home when you need it. It can be regular, only on weekends, or as per your needs.

Temporary Stays at a Care Home → Some Care Homes offer short stays. It is best if you book earlier and plan your holiday or work ahead as it can be difficult to get a booking on short notice.

Help from Friends and Family → It is an informal and unpaid form of respite care. Although professional carers are trained and trustworthy, if you feel uncomfortable leaving your dependent in a stranger’s care, respite care can be provided by a family or friend as well.

Benefits of Respite Care


Family carers who experience exhaustion, stress and are overburdened should resort to respite care as it yields many benefits, some of which are mentioned below.

Your body and mind need rest. Overburdening can severely drain your energy. Taking some time off to change the scenery, engaging in different activities and pampering yourself while your loved one is in the care of a professional can help you detox. Using respite care allows you to go out to dinner with friends, attend community activities, and take vacations.

Why Choose Respite Care

Overall, you can release built-up stress, improve your health, cater to your personal life and improve your relationship with your dependents with a little help from respite care. Based on the kind of help you need, there are many ways you can make your life and the life of your loved one a little better with respite care.