What is Bridgit’s Online Carer Support Tool?

Everyone’s experience of caring for someone is unique. Whether you look after someone with a disability, mental health condition, addiction, or completing tasks they can’t do on their own. We know caring for a loved one comes with its own challenges. Finding the right information to support you shouldn’t be another challenge.

So, how do we get all the information you may need to support you and your loved ones, in one place?

At Bridgit Care, we’ve created an online support tool where, by answering a few questions and selecting your current challenges, you will be sent an online report with suggested tasks, goals to accomplish, local services and nearby events, as well as informative video content. 

The online report gives you guidance on how to help the person you care for as well as suggestions to managing your own health, finances, employment and general wellbeing. The benefit of using this tool is that it brings you all the relevant information you need, into one place, which you can revisit at any time, share with others, and amend as you grow and learn. 

So, how does this work and what does it look like?

It is created to look like a simple quiz. You identify the challenges you are facing or you need help related to your caring role and personal life. You then receive supportive information straight away, no more missing out on useful information and no more sifting through 100s of websites, it brings everything together, into one place, into one report, specific for you!


What topics does the tool cover?

Bridgit Care’s support tool offers specific information on a vast amount of topics and caring needs such as mental health, employment, finances and being a carer.