Our range of slide sheets are household aids for the elderly & disabled. Providing an anti-slip surface for your loved ones whether they’re in bed or sat in a chair. Browse our selection to find the support and security your loved ones need.

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Smart Sheet 65cm x 200cm

£73.62 (save £12.27 if VAT exempt)
The Smart Sheet provides safe and easy movement of patients whilst in bed or in a chair, and removes the need to lift, can also be used for turning patients whilst lying or sitting in bed and rotating patients into and from the prone position. Can also be used to extract patients from a difficult situation or awkward corners. For 'long term' repositioning there is no need to remove the sheet after moving the patient. Slide Sheets reduce the effect of friction on the skin when moving patients. The Smart Sheet can be washed at 75 degreeC - 100 degreeC, and can be safely autoclaved or chemically sterilised.