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My loved one is becoming disconnected from world events

My loved one is becoming disconnected from world events

Why don’t you try? : Keep your loved one informed on world events

Subscribe them to the local paper. Local papers are the most trusted news source for news about local crime, social events, schools, and local government. They also cover a much broader topical area than other local news sources.
Local newspapers are some of the only sources available for in-depth coverage of local politics, and local newspapers often initiate investigative reports that other types of media explore in greater depth.

Watch local broadcast TV with them. While local newspapers cover a wide variety of newsworthy local events, local television covers fewer events in greater depth and with more exposure. Local broadcast television stations comprise the largest portion of the local media market in most cities, and are the most trusted sources of information for local political races.

Help them use the radio for traffic reports and news coverage. FM radio is usually the best source of information on local traffic conditions. Radio stations get news of accidents, collisions, and road closures from police scanners, so their information up to date. Public radio is also great for morning news reports, talk shows, investigative reporting, and specialty news programming.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Ask your loved one if they would like to watch the news with you or read a newspaper with you this week, Try and start a conversation about relevant world events ,

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