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I’m struggling financially

I’m struggling financially

Why don’t you try? : How to manage your finances when you are struggling

Feeling low or anxious is a normal response when you’ve lost your job, been made redundant, or you’re struggling with debt.

Keep seeing your friends, keep your CV up to date, and try to keep paying the bills.

If you have more time because you’re not at work, doing some form of exercise & physical activity can improve your mood if you’re feeling low.

Face your fears.
For example, if you’re going into debt, get advice on how to prioritise your debts. When people feel anxious, they sometimes avoid talking to others. Some people can lose their confidence about driving or travelling. If this starts to happen, facing these situations will generally make them easier.

Do not drink too much alcohol.
For some people with money worries, alcohol can become a problem. You may drink more than usual as a way of dealing with your emotions or just to fill in time. But alcohol will not help you deal with your problems and could add to your stress.

Do not give up your daily routine.
Get up at your normal time and stick to your usual routine. If you lose your routine, it can affect your eating & you may stop cooking, miss breakfast because you’re still in bed, or eat snacks instead of having proper meals.

Source: NHS
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Reviewed: 20/09/21

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Complete an application form for Carers Allowance, Use a benefit checker such as Turn2Us or visit to see if you are entitled to any additional benefits or financial support, Visit the StepChange website for free expert debt advice and support, Visit your local Citizens Advice center, or go to their website where you can talk to an online debt advisor for further guidance, Do a financial exercise this week: write down your incomings and outgoings to check for areas you can improve, making any necessary changes to improve your finances,

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