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Why don\’t you try? : Find out what discounts are available for days out

Having a caring role can sometimes take a toll on your finances. There are some organisations that have put together schemes to help carers get deals and discounts on everyday items and more, e.g. offers on holidays.
These can help you to save penny\’s making your money go further which can be crucial when every penny matters!
Discount for Carers offers carers, paid or unpaid, money saving deals and vouchers for a wide range of shops, holidays and utilities.
Latest deals emailed to your inbox
Free to use and no fees ever
Over 300 big name brands

Carer Smart is a scheme put together by Carers Trust to offer carers discounts such as cash back, reductions, discounts and benefits on insurance, travel and high street shops and much more. Joining is easy and free, once you\’re a member, you can benefit from a wide range of offers including:
Cash back on shopping from numerous high street retailers.
Best rates from energy providers.
Reductions on insurance renewals.
Discounts on holidays and travel arrangements.
Reduced price lifestyle activities.
Free legal advice services.

Source: Carers First
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Here\’s a tip for you to try this week :

Register for the websites discountsforcarers.com and Carersmart.org for cashback and discount deals.,

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