Bridgit Home Hub

Connecting you to the ones you love

The Bridgit Home Hub monitors your loved one’s health, happiness, and home. 

This information is then sent straight to you via our app.

This does not require your loved one to have a WiFi connection, or even a phone line.

The Bridgit HomeHub allows carers to stay informed and help their loved ones to be healthy at home for longer.

You will find helpful guides for setting up and using your new Home Hub device with our Bridgit App.

Simply play the video based on the area you need help with below. 

Bridgit Learns Shares Cares

Stay connected with your loved one.

Bridgit Home Hub allows you to check-in with a loved one living alone. 

It is powerful yet simple to install so your loved one doesn’t even need the internet.

Bridgit Home Hub - how it works
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Stay connected with your loved one.

No matter where you are, all family members using Bridgit App can see how your loved one is getting on.

Bridgit App - easily checkin with loved ones

We understand that older people want to retain their independence and be in the place they want to be.

We also understand that caring is hard and that you can’t be with your loved one 24/7 when they live alone.

With Bridgit you can check-in with your loved one to see if they are happy and healthy no matter where you are.

They’re reassured that even when you are not physically with them, you are supporting them.

Introduction to the Home Hub


Laura provides an introduction to our home hub. Simple to use and in 6 colours!

Whats in the Home Hub box?

Here Laura will explain what you can expect to find in your Bridgit box.

Who are Upstream Health?

Upstream are a social enterprise on a mission to help people stay well for longer in the places they want to be. Here Laura explains what that means.

Getting started

How do you get started with the Home Hub?

Laura will guide you through the beginning of your journey with your Home Hub 

How to attach the Home Hub to your fridge?

Laura shows you how to attach Bridgit to the fride. 

How do you install the Bridgit App?

Laura shows us how to easily download the app from Google or IOS (which you probably know already if you’re reading this!)

How to use the Home Hub

What are Bridgits different modes?

Laura shows us how to change the modes on Bridgit. Basic with no access to menus, Simple with access to messages, appointments and diary, and Advanced with full access.

How to set up appointment reminders?

Laura shows us how to set up appointment reminders in the app and how these are shown on the hub

How can you set up Health Checks?

Laura shows us how to schedule a health check and the type of messages that users can expect to see on the hub.

How to use the Bridgit App

Introduction to your dashboard tiles


Introduction to your dashboard


Health Checks


Booking an appointment

Viewing appointments