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I have social anxiety which stops me from doing things I would like to do

I have social anxiety which stops me from doing things I would like to do

Why don’t you try? : Try these tips to manage social anxiety

Things you can try to overcome social anxiety
Self-help can help reduce social anxiety and you might find it a useful first step before trying other treatments.
The following tips may help:

  • Try to understand more about your anxiety & by thinking about or writing down what goes through your mind and how you behave in certain social situations, it can help to keep a diary.
  • Try some relaxation techniques, such as breathing exercises for stress.
  • Break down challenging situations into smaller parts and work on feeling more relaxed with each part.
  • Try to focus on what people are saying rather than just assuming the worst.

You may also find it useful to read an NHS Apps Library .

Support groups
There are several charities, support groups and online forums for people with social anxiety and other anxiety disorders, including:
* Anxiety UK
* a HealthUnlocked anxiety forum run by Anxiety Support
* Mind and YoungMinds
* Social Anxiety UK, who also have an online forum
* Triumph Over Phobia (TOP UK)

Source: NHS
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Take some time to focus on when your anxiety is at its worst and why, writing down your thoughts and feelings, When you are most anxious use a relaxation technique such as this one:,

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