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I would like help with my loved one’s household bills

I would like help with my loved one’s household bills

Why don’t you try? : How to help my loved one with their household bills

Unfortunately, it is all too common for older people across the UK to struggle with their finances. With rising utility bills and lower pensions, more and more people are forced into making sacrifices for the sake of their finances.
The number of pensioners living below the poverty line rose to 1.9 million in 2016. Fortunately, there are some helpful benefits for pensioners and older people, but there are also concerns that people are unaware of them & with more than £3.5 billion worth going unclaimed.
In fact, one in four older people faces financial struggles according to a recent study. With so many benefits available, each with their own distinct criteria, it can be hard to know which ones you qualify for.
A benefits calculator is a quick, simple way to check your eligibility. These handy tools can be incredibly helpful, especially to those who haven’t made a claim before.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team, Visit the Money Helper website for information and tips on money management, Enquire and book a Needs Assessment with the relevant Local Authority regarding your loved ones support and financial needs., Check you may be eligible for any government grants on the Gov.UK website such as Winter Fuel Payment Grants, Speak to utility companies such as energy companies, water companies or TV License for any discounts or schemes they may provide which you may be eligible for.,

You can visit the Bridgit Shop at anytime to find our what products and services can support you.

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