Employment, Reduction or End to Your Caring Role

I don’t want to be a carer

I don’t want to be a carer

Why don’t you try? : How to let others know you do not want to be a carer anymore

Being a Caregiver Is a Choice
Most individuals who choose not to be primary caregivers simply don’t have the characteristics, time or resources needed to sustain the daily provision of long-term care for a vulnerable adult.
It’s likely that these people truly love their parents and, even if they don’t have a solid relationship, they at least feel moral concern for their well-being. Just because someone decides against personally providing total care to a loved one doesn’t necessarily constitute indifference or abandonment.
Many will visit, arrange other sources of care, handle financial issues, monitor their parents’ well-being and advocate for them. In actuality, they are providing a degree of care, even though they are not responsible for 100 percent of their care recipients’ needs.

Saying No to Caregiving
If you are facing this difficult decision, do what you can.
Gain a full understanding of what it really means to just do your best.
Show your parents that you love them by obtaining the best care you can for them. That could entail supporting a sibling who steps up to be the primary caregiver, financially or otherwise, or it may mean hiring outside help. Then drop the guilt for not perfectly fitting society’s expectations.
o one can do everything all the time.
Make the best use of your strengths and help others use theirs. Your actions will reflect well on the people who raised you.

Source: Ageing Care
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team, Write down and reflect on what is making you feel this way., Organise a carers assessment with your local authority about seeking more support and your struggles, Speak to the person you care for about taking time for yourself,

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