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My family are not supportive

My family are not supportive

Why don’t you try? : Find out what to do when your family aren’t supporting you as a carer

It’s easy to become isolated when caring around the clock, especially when you feel your relationships with family members or friends might be suffering. Unfortunately this feeling of being out of touch can come at a time when you need the support of others most.

  • Consider reminding family and friends that they could just as easily find themselves in the same predicament
  • If family and friends can’t accept you and the person you are looking after as you are, then it’s their loss.

Try asking for a small amount of help & with shopping or staying with the person you look after for a short time to allow you to pop out. By telling them what a difference it has made, it might result in them offering to help out again. It often feels easier to ask for help when you have a physical ailment but emotional pain is just as relevant and the stress it can cause can lead to physical problems if you don’t deal with it.

If conflicts are causing problems in your family, there are various ways of seeking help.

Try to find out what is really behind it. Are they unsure how to help? Upset or angry?

Discovering the truth will hopefully help you to understand their behaviour and enable you to work out what kind of support, if any, you can expect from them in the future.

Don’t forget to explain how you feel. Take the opportunity to tell them how their behaviour affects you. If, after speaking, you do not reach a resolution, or if you feel you can’t confront them, consider discussing the matter with someone else in your family, circle of friends or community who has an independent perspective and may be able to look at the situation in an impartial way. It could also be useful to talk to other carers who will know what you are going through and understand how hard it can be. Consider joining Carers UK’s website forum.

Source: Carers UK
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Take time this week to discuss with your family how you are feeling and what support you need from them, Download the Jointly App to communicate with your family and friends about your loved ones care,

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