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I don’t have any goals for my life

Why don’t you try? : Think about what goals you have for yourself

The primary reason that life goals are important is that they save time and reduce anxiety.
The importance of decision fatigue is often overlooked when it comes to goals. Success or failure is determined by our micro-decisions. Those seemingly unimportant choices that we make hundreds of times per day.
We are human. We are programmed to take the easy option. To take the path of least resistance. It is only the clarity that we have about what we want that gives us the motivation to select the harder choice.

Every day we have too many decisions to make. Each decision drains our energy. If your goals are not top-of-mind these decisions are more difficult. Preventing us from doing anything. If your goals are clear, decision fatigue is reduced and your choices become easier.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Goals can be big or small, set aside some time to write down what goals you have or what you would like to aim towards and how you will get there., Speak to someone close to about how you are feeling and see if they have any suggestions,

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