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Supporting Local Authorities, NHS Providers, and Carer Charities to improve their support for family carers, clients and patients in their region.

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Innovating Social Care Delivery

Is your organisation looking to scale up support for your carers or clients?  

Would your team like to spend more time with those that need the most help?

Bridgit Care can Help You

Bridgit Care are a Social Enterprise supported by local and national government to help unpaid carers and council clients across the UK. 

We partner with the NHS, carer charities and councils to broaden and improve support, while freeing up time so that teams can focus on the areas that deliver the greatest social impact.

A Complete Support Platform

The Bridgit platform supports carers across the UK, helping to identify & support carers in both their lives and caring role. 

The system is branded for your local organisation, working behind the scenes to enhance how you deliver your services to your carers, clients and patients.

Accessible Assessments & Forms

Due to increased pressures in Social Care many regions are struggling to process carers assessments as quickly as they would like.

With funding from Innovate UK the team have worked with Dorset Council to develop a new interactive, and inclusive online service that allows carers to easily complete a carers assessment and submit it to their local authority. 

This solution is now available to councils across the UK and is being deployed in partnership with Looking Local who provide the Better Care solutions to Local Authorities.

Key Features

Below are the key features of the service:

We know that a lot of carers submitting forms or assessments could benefit from immediate support and access to local services, events and advice.  That’s why our forms integrate into our self-help modules so carers and clients can get help straight away.

We have many form templates available to help get you started.  However, you have full control over the structure of the forms and assessment and can customise these based on your local needs and pathways.  We can even work with you to film local people to ensure that the local voice & experience comes through.

Each form includes an initial explainer to help carers understand its purpose, along with video guides featuring our carer coach, providing step-by-step support.

Carers can easily monitor their progress as they fill out the form, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.  They don’t have to complete it all in one go and can come back at anytime.

Access a dedicated forms portal to view submitted forms, featuring a customisable form viewer for alignment with local systems.

The system has been developed to integrate into the local social care system via an API provided by the Local Council.  (e.g. to Liquid Logic or Mosaic)

If the Council does not have an API available Bridgit Care can support alternate approaches such as through Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

We are committed to integrating into our clients local systems at no additional cost.

We are excited to be partnering with Bridgit Care to ensure local authorities are able to provide the carers in their area with the ability to digitally self-serve their needs. Ensuring that unpaid carers have proper support and receive the best possible outcomes will have a positive ripple effect to the people they are caring for.

Intelligent & Guided Support

Our solution incorporates various forms of Artificial Intelligence to benefit our partners, as well as the carers and clients we serve.

  • Virtual Assistants: Our AI-powered virtual assistants offer specialised support in areas such as Technology Enabled Care and Carer Support. They provide valuable guidance tailored to specific needs.

  • Localised Content: Through real-time generation, we create localised content that includes personalised events, services, and helpful tips based on the carers’ location. This ensures relevant and timely information.

  • Content Creation Tools: We empower our partners with embedded content creation tools, enabling them to quickly generate and promote their own content. This fosters collaboration and empowers them to share valuable resources.

  • Responsible AI: We prioritise responsible AI practices and closely collaborate with Microsoft, adhering to their AI guidelines. Our commitment to ethical and responsible AI ensures the safety and well-being of our users.

While AI should never replace human interaction, integrating it into our solutions with a focus on user-centricity and safety offers tremendous opportunities. By leveraging AI, we can enhance the services we deliver and scale access beyond what human resources alone can achieve.

Our Clients Across the UK

We’d like to thank our special partners that have joined us on our journey helping carers across the UK.   🙏

With support from our partners we’re able to provide extra features and tools in our premium commissioned service to all the regions below.  Carers in these locations can access their regions own dedicated site, advice and support.


💡Remember, if you're not in these regions you can still access our free support available to all carers in the UK.

What Our Clients Say

“Working with Bridgit Care has been an incredibly rewarding experience for us. Their unwavering commitment to providing exceptional care and support to Unpaid Carers and their families is truly inspiring. Collaborating with Bridgit Care has allowed us to enhance the services we offer to carers and their loved ones.”

Chantell Marler, Head of Service for Forward Carers

“Bridgit is an exciting and important step for the council to encourage more people who care for others to access the free support they are entitled to. To have shaped Bridgit with local expert input has been excellent and I encourage anyone who is or thinks they may be a carer, to simply explore Bridgit for themselves.”


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