Bridgit Care working with Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust to support carers aross Hull & East Riding

Who are we helping in Humber?

Our friends and family members care for us in so many way, often supporting our mental, emotional and physical health. Humber Teaching NHS Foundation Trust are working with Bridgit Care to provide access to a support service for anyone that provides support to any Humber patients. If you live in East Riding or Hull and have a friend or relative that you help, we are here for you. Just use this link to get support today : Access Online Support

What is included in the support?

When you access the support tool you can easily select what you’d like help with from over 70 different areas. We then provide you with your own self support plan containing all the following :
  • Advice in your caring role
  • Help understanding health conditions
  • Local events and services
  • Supporting videos and useful content
  • Options to book a phone or video call for help
You can also sign up for email support, and revisit your plan at anytime.

“How this helped me”

How does this support help carers?

The online report gives you guidance on how to help the person you care for as well as suggestions to managing your own health, finances, employment and general wellbeing. The benefit of using this tool is that it brings you all the relevant information you need, into one place, which you can revisit at any time, share with others, and amend as you grow and learn.  what does Bridgit's Carer Support Tool offer

Our long-term goal

We want to support carers in the long-term. After a carer has completed the online tool, they can access their personalised report anytime. They will keep their access to the report and be able to edit it and share with family and friends.  We also provide ongoing support through video and phone calls from our Bridgit Care Coach which you can book in yourself.  For more information about our online Carer Support Tool, check out our other blog here