How to manage your time as a Young Carer

“Hey everyone, it’s Frankie. I wanted to talk today about something I think a
lot of us young carers struggle with – managing time. It’one of the hardest
parts of being a carer, and it impacts every part of my life."

The Mental Strain of Living in Two Worlds

My mornings are always rushed. Before I even think about getting ready for
school, I have to help my mum with her morning routine. It feels like there’s
never enough time. By the time I’m done, I have just a few minutes to get myself ready. I’m constantly checking the clock, worried about being late for school.
At school, it’s hard to concentrate. I’m always thinking about what needs to be done at home. It’s like I’m living in two worlds, and neither one ever has
enough time. During lunch, while my friends are chatting and relaxing, I’m planning my
afternoon. I need to make sure I can get my schoolwork done and be back home in time to help my mum.

After school, it’s straight home. There’s no time for hanging out or after-school
activities. I have to be there to take over from the daytime caregiver.
Afternoons are packed. Between helping my mom and trying to squeeze in
homework, I’m constantly juggling tasks. There’s no downtime, no chance to
just relax and be a normal kid. By the time I get to my homework, I’m exhausted. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard I try, there’s just not enough time to get everything done.

Time management is a constant struggle. It’s hard to balance school,
caring, and any kind of personal life. I often feel like I’m failing in one area
or another because there’s just not enough time for everything.

If you’re a young carer, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. I
don’t blame my mum in any way that my life is difficult to juggle, its not her
fault she’s ill, its just hard to see her suffering. The key is to do your best and
not be too hard on yourself. It’s okay to ask for help and to take breaks when
you can.

Real Stories

“It’s really hard to balance everything. Sometimes I don’t finish my homework
because I’m helping out at home, and I get really worried about falling behind
at school.” – This quote is from young carers trust which provides insights into
the real-life experiences of young carers.

And remember, there are resources out there to help us manage our time and
responsibilities. Bridgit Young Carers Support is an amazing platform with
advice and support specifically for young carers like us. They can help you find
ways to manage your time better and connect you with others who
understand what you’re going through.