Accessible adventures to do with your loved one over summer

accessible summer activities
If you or your loved one have restricted mobility, this shouldn’t limit your fun this summer! Many places are becoming more inclusive for disabilities and here’s a list of some of the top activities you both can enjoy together over the summer months. Remember, it’s always worth contacting the venue you wish to visit if they have no information online about accessibility. Some of these activities might not be appropriate for everyone and will depend on you or your loved ones accessibility needs.\"accessible

Visit a Gallery or Museum

This is a stimulating activity and most of these centres have accessible options to help with your experience. You can check this on the centre’s website or ring them prior to your visit if you are unsure whether they provide the appropriate set up for you or your loved one.

Nature Walks

Finding trails nearby or walks in the countryside provide a great outdoor activity where you can also take a picnic and find a spot to sit and take in your surroundings. Many places have accessible routes for wheelchair users but it’s always worth checking this before setting off on your adventure. Parks are also a great place to engage in simple sport activities such as frisbee, crochet or another activity your loved one enjoys taking part in, even if it’s just bird watching! 


Wheelchair users and people who have disabilities can enjoy more movement within the water [i]. This is a great way to increase mobility and get some exercise in. There are accessible aids such as floats and other accessories you can use within the water. Try also finding a swimming bath that does private classes or specifically accessible swimming lessons if they want to.


Bowling is a great way to ‘strike’ up some healthy competition between you and your loved one. You can even invite more people and go as a group. Bowling alleys offer accessibility ramps and aids to help with throwing the ball down the lane and getting around the centre.

Boat Rides

Many cities in the UK have riverboat rides and cruises. You can check out similar Virgin Experience days for river cruises and other activities you can enjoy together. These boat rides will have specific accessibility options to support you both. Also check out Canal River Trust who specialise in accessible boat and canal river rides.

More Ideas

Motability is a great place to look for accessible days out and hear stories from other people who have gone on these trips and what to look out for. This is a good way to find, not so common, places to visit with your loved one.

More Summer Activity Ideas

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