Our friends and family members care for us in so many ways, often supporting our mental, emotional and physical health.

With our support it's quick and easy for you or them to learn about health conditions, get personal advice and find local events and services.

Here are a few of our support areas.
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Frequently asked questions

Our support tool captures data from you in order to create your personal support plan.

Through this tool we capture information such as the areas you'd like support with, medications and conditions you'd like advice with, and your location so we can find local events and services close to you.

By using our tool you are consenting for Bridgit Care (Part of Upstream Outcomes Ltd) to process your information in order to receive your personalised support plan.

We care for carers all over the UK with whatever complex needs they may have. We help carers to find carer support resources within their local communities, as well as nationally or with our organisation.

We care for you, so you can care for them.

This tool is designed to help anyone that has somebody that relies on them. Whether that's a friend, neighbour or family member.

You may not identify as a 'carer' and that's fine. This tool is just here to help you navigate all the advice and guidance that's out there on the internet and connect you to the support you need in your local area.

You can access your report in seconds and start getting support straightaway.

We've built this tool to allow you to add content over time, track progress on how you're doing and also make sure you get targeted information to help.

This hopefully will help you spend less time searching for the support you need, and help free up your time.

Your report contains advice, support and guidance from trusted sources from around the UK. From organisations like the NHS, Age UK and Carers UK. The report is split into sections.

In the 'Support' area we provide you with local events, advice, support and services and ideas to try. You can add to this plan over time and share the areas you're struggling with (called 'Challenges') so that we can make sure the advice we provide is based on your needs.

In the 'Dashboard' you can update how you're doing in the different areas of your caring role and overall life, and track this over time. If supported in your area it also allows you to book in for a personal care coach call with our team, or have a live chat on any areas we can help.

In the 'Health' section you can add conditions or medications that you'd like to keep track off and see advice from the NHS on each area. You can use this to also track the medications and conditions of the person you're caring for.

In the 'Downloads' section we've produced some easy to read and accessible packs for you that you can download and use. Containing advice, templated and things to try. You can even print it out if you find it useful.

In the report you can sign up for regular email supports. You'll receive emails with support on the specific areas you've asked for help with as well as a monthly personalised list of upcoming events that you might like to go to.

If supported in your area you'll see options to book a chat, video or phone call with our team to talk about any areas you'd like support on. We're hear to listen and support you in any way we can.

Family carers around the UK already do so much to support the people they care for which in turn helps to keep our health and social care system running.

As a Social Enterprise Bridgit Care is committed to supporting the family carer community and receive funding for these service from government organisations and grants.

When you reach your report page you'll have the option to provide your email address. If you decide to provide it and submit your address to us, then you'll receive regular support emails from the Bridgit Care team with things like upcoming events, new caring advice or services At anytime if you decide you no longer want to receive support emails you can just click 'Unsubscribe' on any of the support mails.

You can also review our Privacy Policy for further information and please contact us if you have any questions or concerns please on our email contact@bridgit.care.

Within the Privacy Policy you will see specific information that relates to this Online Support tool, including details of the information we capture and how we use this information.

All the information you provide to us is encrypted and stored securely in either or Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure environments.

We provide you with a share link for your report to send to others. This link is view only so that others can view the content but not make any edits.

This tool is completely safe to use and completely free.

The tool is being provided to you by either your local authority or NHS Trust, depending upon where you live.

All policies and Terms/Conditions are available at the bottom of the tools report for you to read so you can see how your data is protected.

We are sorry to hear you couldn't find the right help.

Our support tool is constantly updating, If there is something that you needed help with and you couldn't find it we would like to hear from you. That way, we can update the tool to help you and other carers.

You can either leave us some feedback (at the top of the tool) or send us an email at contact@bridgit.care

In the meantime, if supported within your region, and you need additional support please book a carer coach session with the Bridgit Care Team to talk through any areas you need help with

Yes, we are here to help. You can either:

  • Contact your local carers centre (This can be found in the Local section within the 'Carer Support' group)
  • Book a call with a Bridgit Carer Coach for some advice (if supported in your region)

Enter your email and we'll send you a link to this support plan