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Will this affect my career if I reduce my hours?

Will this affect my career if I reduce my hours?

Why don’t you try? : How to maintain career growth after reducing hours

According to the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations, part-timers must be treated at least as well as equivalent full-time workers, unless the reason they can’t be can be objectively justified.

An ‘equivalent’ full-time worker is one doing a similar job on the same type of contract. So you might be able to compare yourself to a colleague on the same team, or someone who does similar work to you on a different team.
If you have changed to part-time working in the same role, then you are able to compare your part-time conditions with your previous full-time contract. This also applies if you are returning part-time after maternity leave.
The regulations include temporary staff such as agency and casual workers, but part-time agency workers can’t compare themselves to full-time permanent workers.
The regulations, however, don’t stop employers giving better terms to part-timers. They may do this to encourage a more balanced workforce, but the employer will need to be sure that doing this is not against other discrimination laws.

Source: NI Direct

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Ask your employer if you can create some Career Goals with them, this may be done as part of an appraisal or performance review., Discuss with your employer your current situation and what options may be available to you, Book an appointment to speak to your employer, HR team or union if you feel your career and opportunities have been affected due to reducing your hours.

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