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What funeral plans are available?

What funeral plans are available?

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With a standard funeral plan, you pay for your funeral in advance, at today’s prices. You can pay the plan provider in either a lump sum or instalments. You can buy a plan from most funeral directors.
Funeral plans vary in terms of what’s included. All plans include the services of a funeral director who takes care of the deceased, arranges the funeral and organises transport.

However, there are differences with the additional services that plans offer. Some may provide high-quality coffins, access to view the deceased in a chapel of rest, and limousines to transport guests to the funeral. Other plans may be more basic.

As well as the core costs of the funeral director and coffin, funeral plans will also include & or make a provision for & third-party costs. These can include the cost of using a crematorium, doctors’ fees and the cost of a minster or celebrant. These third-party costs are usually called ‘disbursements’.
If you’re buying a cremation funeral plan, it won’t usually cover the cost of disbursements in full. Instead, they’re covered by an allowance, which rises in line with inflation. However, there’s a risk that if funeral costs rise faster than inflation, there won’t be quite enough money in your plan to cover these costs. This would leave your family or estate with extra to pay when you die. Some funeral plans offer a guarantee to cover all third-party costs.

If you’re opting for a burial funeral plan, it will usually include the cost of digging the grave. But the cost of the burial plot & as well as extras such as headstones & won’t be included.
Funeral plans never include the cost of flowers or organising a wake. But some plans allow you to put aside some extra money to cover these costs.
It’s important to make sure you know what your plan does and doesn’t provide before you pay.

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Research into funeral plans with your local funeral director and your loved one, Research funeral plans with your local funeral director, Take time this week to talk to your loved one about what they would and wouldn’t like at their funeral,

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