Bridgit Webinars

We have created a series of webinars to provide help for carers in an engaging and insightful way. Carer support doesn’t have to be boring!

They are free, interactive, and will each cover a different subject.

As a result of the complex needs of carers, we enlist dedicated professionals and campaigners to explore topics that our community request.

Carers will also have the opportunity to ask any questions they have, as we believe that the best carer support is personalized.

Additionally, we ensure that no carer goes away empty-handed. As a matter of fact, we compile resource packs for all attendees.

You can also revisit all of our webinars on our YouTube Channel.

Tom Stoltman on carer support, mental health, and autism awareness.

Stoltman brothers at their gym in Invergordon...Tom and Luke Stoltman...Picture: Callum Mackay. Image No.

Tom Stoltman and Bridgit will be discussing autism awareness, mental health, and carer support.

This webinar is well-suited to anyone who knows or cares for someone who has autism.  Additionally, this content is helpful for anyone who has autism themselves and is struggling with the impact of the national lock-down. 

Equally, Tom’s story is inspirational to anyone looking to overcome adversity in their lives. 

By this same token, this inspirational story can be applied to many aspects of life- no matter your circumstances. In light of this, we encourage attendees to book on as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.  

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Tom Stoltman on carer support, mental health, and autism awareness.

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