Bridgit Watch

Supporting you anywhere, anytime

Being a carer doesn’t just mean caring for someone in their home.

As a carer, you’ll likely be worried about your loved one when they leave the house.

The Bridgit Watch functions as a fall detector, mobile phone, and vitals monitor all in one.  It also includes geolocation to help track your loved one.

This means people living alone can be reassured they’re supported by family members and other services should they need them.

Bridgit Care - Watch Testimonial from carer

“My partner felt like a prisoner in his own home. He couldn’t go out on his own because he’d get lost when he went out

Since he’s had the Watch he’s got his independence back. When he gets lost he just pushes a button, which calls me and I guide him back home.”

Diana | Carer

Stay connected with your loved one.

All family members connected to the Bridgit Watch can be alerted of activities

No matter where you are, you can all stay connected with the wearer.

Bridgit Care - Bridgit Watch
Bridgit Care - Bridgit Watch fall detection

Receive Fall Detection Alerts

The Watch can detect when a loved one falls and alert to family members.

Bridgit Care - Bridgit Watch SOS calls

Initiate SOS Calls

The wearer is able to make emergency calls to family members connected to the Watch.

Bridgit Care - Bridgit Watch geo-fencing location alerts

Get Location Alerts

The Watch can detect when a loved one leaves their home and informs family members.

Bridgit Care - Make calls from your Bridgit Watch

Make and Accept calls

The wearer can make and accept calls from family members that are connected to the Watch.

Here's how the watch works

SOS Calling

Fall Detection

Fall Detection & Automated Calling

Fall Detection & Cancelling Response

Location Detection

Carers Calling the Watch

Calling through the Watch

Charging the Watch