Being a carer is one of the hardest jobs there is. This is why we have created some truly innovative solutions to make caring for your loved one less of a challenge. You just need to select one of our innovations below to find out more, it’s that easy!

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Caring for a loved one from a distance can make being a carer even more difficult.
You may be worried that your loved one isn’t taking their medication, that they are feeling down, or that they don’t have a healthy home environment.

We have created products and services to empower carers by making their loved one’s information accessible and immediately available. 

We provide emotional support, practical guidance, and technological solutions, with a view to providing the best help for carers that we can.

Technology Innovations

Our Bridgit HomeHub and Watch can monitor your loved one’s health at home or on the go. Our devices don’t even require WiFi to send your loved one’s information directly to your phone through our app. 

Additionally, we provide pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors that will ensure that you and your loved one are well looked after on the inside as well as the outside.