Basketweave Commode Chair

£315.96 (save £52.66 if VAT exempt)
A traditional Lloyd Loom wooden framed chair, hand crafted from beech wood, with an attractive white and gold weave. The chair features a removable padded seat which conceals a plastic commode pan and lid with carrying handle. The high chair sides give added stability to the user and also aid the person when rising. Seat Height: 470mm (18.5") Seat Width: 440mm (17") Seat Depth: 440mm (17") Overall Height 775mm (30.5") Overall Width: 600mm (23.5") Overall Depth: 500mm (19.5") Footprint 600 x 500mm (23.5 x 19.5"). *Due to the size of this item it will be despatched on a 48 hour delivery service*.

Commode Liner – pack of 20

£16.52 (save £2.75 if VAT exempt)
These Disposable Commode/Bed Pan Liners are designed for any person who needs a commode or bedpan whether in a healthcare institution or at home. The liners offer protection for orthopaedic bedpans and commodes. Increases hygiene, saves time, provides a simple and risk free disposal system and limits the spread of pathogens. Super absorbent pad locks in fluid by absorbing >500ml in 30 seconds. Odour control through fragranced liner + absorbent pad. Large size liner – 23cm x 13cm with tie handle. Disposable 100% Biodegradable LDPE liner + cellulose pulp pad – NO LATEX OR PHTHALATES. Shelf Life – 2 years.

Luxury Commode Chair – Blue

£160.73 (save £26.79 if VAT exempt)
This attractive, height adjustable, luxury commode chair has a comfortable, waterproof covering. It has a metal frame and two strong armrests which will offer support to users. The lid on this chair can be easily taken out to offer extra space and comfort when in use.When not in use the lid can be placed back on for a more pleasing appearance. These chairs will look stylish in the bedroom or living room, available in three attractive colours. *Due to the size of this item it will be despatched on a 48 hour delivery service*.

Potty with lid and handle

£11.39 (save £1.90 if VAT exempt)
Spare Potty for Luxury Commode Chairs PR50545, PR50546, PR50547