Bridgit Watch

Bridgit is the easy to use technology that Bridges the gap between family carers and their loved ones. Enabling individuals to stay living independently inside and away from their own homes for longer.
It is the first of it's kind to use the new LTE-M network in the UK making use of new more efficient technology. The Bridgit Watch is a watch, phone and SOS solution all in a discreet and modern looking design with a 4 week battery life.
  • Easy to use - The watch does not require any internet connection or need users to have a mobile app to collect data. All information is sent over the embedded SIM.
  • Health Data - Key health data is captured automatically (Heart rate, respiratory rate, movement and sleep). This powers Bridgit’s AI and guidance.
  • Support anywhere - Users can easily call for help from the watch wherever they are. At home or away.

In-Home Classic Fall Alarm

Fall alarm for the elderly with built-in emergency SOS button. Automatically alerts the 24-hour monitoring when a fall is detected so help quickly reaches you. Neck pendant or wrist strap options

Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm

Simple to use GPS personal alarm with location tracking and emergency button. Get help from anywhere in the UK in any emergency.

Out-and-About Mobile Alarm

Mobile alarm for the elderly with outbound calling, fall detection, GPS tracking and personal alarm button. Get help quickly at the press of a button. Works at home and from anywhere in the UK.

Out-and-About Personal Alarm Watch

Stylish looking smartwatch with built-in personal alarm. Designed for older adults and the elderly who want peace of mind they can get help quickly in an emergency from any UK location.

Taking Care Anywhere

Personal alarm for older adults that works at home and out-and-about. Includes fall detection and GPS tracking. Get help quickly, from anywhere, in an emergency.