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Clear Dementia Care – Android

The CLEAR Dementia Care © App provides information about dementia and support for carers including: Different types, the brain, symptoms, behaviours and loss.To understand behaviour it can be helpful to look for patterns. The App includes a function to help record and chart behaviour. The App also contains illustrations and case examples to help us to understand the perspective of the person with dementia.

It’s Done

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Did you close the garage door? Turn off the stove? Take your vitamin? It’s Done app helps you instantly recall completion of routine tasks whenever you can’t remember whether or not you did them. So when that uneasy thought occurs, “Did I remember to…?”, It’s Done helps you confidently confirm the task is done. No need to check or re-check. No worries at all.

MindMate – IOS


The award-winning MindMate® app transforms and maintains health and wellness through daily workouts and mental activities. With brain games to stimulate your mind, physical workouts that will shape your body and nutrition advice and recipes to fuel your healthy lifestyle. The app also connects to Apple's HealthKit to save and store your daily steps. MindMate is the ultimate all-in-one platform for healthy aging.

Approved and loved by over 1 million users worldwide, their users include baby boomers, active seniors, and those living with memory loss like dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. It’s a powerful tool for reducing the risk of memory loss and cognitive decline, as well as a firm support for those already living with such conditions.

Based on world-leading science, MindMate is specially designed to help those who want to stay healthy, happy & independent for as long as possible.



BRAIN WORKOUTS: A scientifically-supported suite of games to challenge the 4 core cognitive abilities and enhance critical thinking skills.

-Problem Solving




NUTRITION: Expert scientific and culinary advice to help you make healthier choices and prepare hundreds of nutritious dishes, that are specifically designed to nourish your body and mind.

EXERCISE: State-of-the-art video workouts and easy-to-follow fitness tips help you live a healthier lifestyle and stay physically, and mentally fit as you age. Workouts to help you:

- Improve your balance

- Strengthen your back and abs

- Improve the strength of your heart and lungs with Cardio

- & Yoga to work your mind and body

TV & MUSIC: Their entertainment section offers timeless video content and classic hits that are guaranteed to take you back in time as you enjoy the best movies and hits from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

MY DIARY: Store your treasured memories to share and relive with family and friends! The Our Diary section will capture, store and share your photos, memories, and information building a personalized virtual life story that you can enjoy and share time and again!

REMINDERS: Never forget an appointment or chore again – You can make notes, to-do lists and customizable reminders for anything from grocery shopping to important anniversaries.

HEALTHKIT: MindMate uses Apple's HealthKit to store and record your activities such as daily steps