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Equipment Hire – Humber

Living aids are gadgets and specially designed equipment that can help you complete tasks more easily. Often they are things you can purchase yourself at little cost, but sometimes they are more specialised and need to be acquired from a specialist supplier.

Help Finding a Care Home

It can feel difficult to know where to start when you're looking for a care home. Age UK will show you where to look and things to consider.

Equipment Hire – Birmingham

Today they have over 100 customers on long term rentals, and many customers on short term rentals, and also sell refurbished and new equipment. They offer service and repair too so please feel free to contact them or visit the showroom to discuss your mobility needs today.

Funeral Plans

Buy a Funeral Plan and provide peace of mind for you and those close to you. Talking about death and funerals can be….well…um…er… a little awkward. But sometimes talking about awkward things now can have significant benefits for you and your family further down the line. They say that the only certainties in life are death and taxes, so a funeral plan is something you may wish to consider. However, purchasing a funeral plan is not just a financial decision, it’s an emotional one. Having a funeral plan in place genuinely means one less thing for your loved ones to think about at one of life’s saddest and emotional times. You and your family can choose the funeral that you want, and it will save your family from any uncertainty and worry over your final wishes.

Support for working carers

If you work and you are a carer your employer may be able to help with flexible working, taking time off and achieving a better work/life balance.

If you work you should tell your employer that you are a carer. They may have carer friendly policies that can help you achieve a better work/life balance. Ask your local council for a carer’s assessment which is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council. They may be able to offer you support. They should take into account if you want to stay in work or start working if you are not working.

Mind – Addiction

Guide to addiction and dependency support

Get information on where and how you can find support for addiction and dependency. This guide includes support options for addictions to drugs, alcohol, sex, tobacco and gambling.

Mind – Mental Health

Your mental health as a carer

It can help to understand common challenges that many unpaid carers encounter, as this might make you feel less alone. We explain some feelings you might experience while caring for someone, and how these can impact your mental health.

NHS Healthy Ageing

The advice in this booklet will help improve the health and general fitness of people of any age, but it is written to be particularly relevant for people who are about 70 years or older. People of this age, and sometimes younger, begin a ‘slowing-down’ process related to the effects of ageing on their body. We cannot stop the process of ageing, but the advice given here will help to keep you fit and independent.

NHS Inform – Strength and Balance Exercises

Age is no barrier to exercise. At any age, you can see improvement in your strength, balance, stamina, flexibility and more importantly the mental health benefits of exercise should never be underestimated.

Emergency Schemes for Carers

Many local carer services and local councils offer carer schemes where an emergency plan can be put into action if you have a caring emergency.

Most of these schemes are free.

How do the schemes work?

Each of the schemes will work slightly differently so check with your local carer service about what is available where you live. Usually you will need to carry a card with you at all times. In an emergency, anyone who finds this card will know you are a carer and that there is someone relying on your support. They can ring the phone number on the card and that will go through to a 24-hour-a-day call centre. The call centre will have your emergency plan that says what you would like to happen in the event of an emergency. This may be as simple as calling someone else you know who can care for the person you usually look after until you are better. Some schemes include some emergency care from your local council but check with the scheme where you live. These schemes don't usually cover you if you have something planned, such as an appointment, and need short-term replacement care.

Support for carers of people with autism

We believe every young carer deserves the support needed to help them thrive in their role.

Whether you're a young carer in need of support or you're a professional concerned about somebody, you can refer through our local services.

Carers First Young Carers

Support for young carers

Find out about support groups, young carers' projects and other organisations that can help you as a young carer.

Help For Young Carers – NHS

If you're a young carer, friends and relatives are often the first people to turn to for help with problems. Talking things through with them can be really helpful. If you find it hard to talk to others, try to write your thoughts in a diary, poem or letter first. This can help to make sense of your thoughts and how you feel, before getting help.

Equipment Hire – York

Be Independent equipment loan service provides simple aids to daily living to support lifelong independence for:
  • disabled people
  • people recovering from surgery
  • elderly people
If you or someone you care for could benefit from help with daily living, contact the Adult Social Care Team to get an assessment of your care needs.

Loan equipment from Be Independent

Based on assessment details and the equipment needed, when you loan equipment from Be Independent they'll arrange:
  • delivery to your home address, or alternative address in York
  • options for you, carers or healthcare professionals to collect equipment
  • fitting and installation of equipment in your home, if requested by a healthcare professional
  • maintenance of equipment to ensure statutory compliance
  • collection or return of equipment no longer required
  • cleaning of returned equipment at our decontamination unit
  • repair, refurbishment and recycling of equipment, where viable

Equipment Hire – Leeds

There are many types of equipment to help you with everyday activities at home.

These can help you live more independently and safely if you're older or disabled. Different types of equipment can be used to help in the:
  • kitchen - such as bigger control knobs for the cooker and kettle tippers to help you pour water
  • bathroom - such as raised toilet seats and commodes, shower and bath seats, alterations to taps
  • bedroom - such as specially adapted beds, grab rails, talking clocks
  • living room - such as specially adapted chairs, mobile or ceiling mounted hoists
  • rest of your home - such as louder doorbells and phones, wall to floor rails, alterations to steps, trolleys for carrying things between rooms

Sunderland City Council

Adult social care and support

Sunderland City Council can point you towards the right organisations that may be able to help you. In order to be able to receive support from Sunderland City Council, you need to meet the national minimum eligibility criteria. They'll ask you some questions about your day-to-day life to work out what you need, this is called an assessment. This information will them be used to help meet your needs.

Equipment Hire – Sunderland

Community Equipment Services supplies and fits equipment and minor adaptations to help children and adults with disabilities to live safely and independently at home. The service is a jointly funded partnership between Sunderland City Council and the Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group. Equipment is free of charge and provided on a long-term loan basis following an assessment from a nurse, Occupational Therapist, or Physiotherapist. If you want advice about buying your own equipment, the service can put you in touch with an Occupational Therapist who can help. The service repairs, services, maintains and replaces equipment. The professional who assesses your needs will tell you when your equipment is being delivered. When they deliver your equipment, they will show you how to use it safely. When you no longer need your equipment, you can bring it back to them or they can come and collect it from you.

Equipment Hire – Sheffield

You may be eligible for an Occupational Assessment if you have long term difficulties carrying out everyday tasks. If your assessment finds that you need equipment, this can be loaned to you through the Integrated Community Equipment Loan Service Sheffield (ICELSS).

Patient Advice and Liaison Service – Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

The Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) provides a point of contact for patients who have a concern but either don’t know which member of staff or department to raise it with, or feel that they need to speak to someone outside of the department or ward to which their concern relates. The Patient Advice and Liaison Service are knowledgeable and experienced in handling patients’ concerns and have overall responsibility for ensuring responses to complainants are coordinated effectively and efficiently. The main responsibility of the Patient Advice and Liaison Service is to provide a high quality initial response to complainants and to pass concerns and complaints to directorates and departments for investigation and resolution.

Sheffield Carers Centre

They are here to help unpaid adult carers in Sheffield. A carer is someone who provides practical and/or emotional support to an adult or child with an illness, disability, frailty, mental health problems or addiction. Sheffield Carers Centre offers advice, information and support.

Age UK – York

Age UK York offer a wide range of services to older people in York to enable them to live better lives. This includes information and advice, benefits and money advice, befriending services, carer respite service, Day Clubs and Home From Hospital support. All their work is aimed at improving the lives of older people in York. Age UK York encourages older people to speak out about local and national issues. They are here to make more of life in York.

York and Selby Alzheimer’s Society 

York and Selby Alzheimer's Society offers information and practical guidance to help you understand dementia, cope with day-to-day challenges and prepare for the future.

Sheffield Health and Social Care

Carers and young carers play a vital role in the care of loved ones. They understand the impact that caring for a loved one has on carers, young carers and families. When your focus is on someone else it’s easy to neglect your own physical and mental wellbeing.

Adult Social Care – York

As a carer, under the Care Act 2014, you're entitled to have a carer’s assessment to understand the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your life

Assessing your needs is a free and confidential service, you can:
  • have an assessment over the telephone
  • speak to them in person
A carer's assessment:
  • looks at your caring situation
  • checks that your needs are taken into account
  • identifies the physical, emotional and practical impact that caring has on your life
  • is an opportunity to discuss the things that could make caring easier for you
You'll talk about:
  • the kind of support the person you care for needs
  • what help you might need to provide care
  • how to look after your own wellbeing
  • maintaining your own health
  • balancing caring with your life, work and family commitments
When you've completed an assessment (either by yourself or with help), they'll contact you to discuss your situation and what support may be available to help you.