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Save the Children


Our child education programmes reached 12 million children in 2020.

Post-16 Finance and Support


Financial support for 16 — 19 year olds.

Find your ideal career

Take our career quiz to find your ideal job matched to your personality type.

Careers information and guidance in schools

How it's delivered, and where to get more information.

Local support information

Information on local support services for 16 – 18 year old students.

Where to get help with post-16 choices

Choosing what to do after GCSEs, Nationals, or Highers can be difficult — here are some people who can help.

Supported learning and SEND

Support for special education needs and disabilities​.

Advice for parents and carers

Information about the opportunities for post-16 education and training.

Money Helper: Financial Support in Education

Financial support

Our friendly and experienced team is here to help you manage short-term money worries.

Student finances for undergraduates

Advice on the financial support young people may be able to access to help them participate in undergraduate courses.

BBC Good Food

Going to uni and never cooked before? Our student recipes are a great way to get started with easy, cheap and filling dishes that are packed with flavour.

David Lloyd Clubs

Find out why our clubs are the perfect place to keep the whole family happy. Find your local club to learn more about family gym memberships


Over 2 million young people live in poverty in Britain today. They do less well at school, are less likely to make it to university and struggle to find and keep jobs. The figures are stark.

Our Approach

Young Minds: Family

Family can be there for you and be a huge support for your mental health. But sometimes, things between you and your family may not always be easy. If you're struggling with your family, we have information and advice that can help.

Young Minds: Bullying

Get help for bullying

Ignoring bullying won’t make it go away. You need to tell someone about what is happening.
If the bullying is happening at school Talk to your parents or carers and your teacher. Your teacher may have no idea that you are being bullied, and the school will have an anti-bullying policy to tackle it. If you feel you can’t speak to your teacher, maybe a friend can do it for you. You can also speak to a school counsellor, welfare officer or nurse. In extreme cases, if bullying is interfering with your education it may be possible for you to change schools if it doesn’t stop once you have reported it.
If the bullying is happening outside school Talk to your parents or carers, close relatives such as grandparents, aunties and uncles, or even your friends’ parents. Youth workers and leaders may be able to help too. If the bullying is happening online Tell a trusted adult – your parents or carers, or a teacher. You can report abusive posts on Facebook and other social media platforms. You can also report abuse to CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre). Keep reporting the bullying until it stops. It may not stop the first time you tell your parents or teacher and they try to stop it. If the bullying continues, tell them again. Don’t put up with it. No one deserves to be bullied.

Young Minds

The sheer scale of the problem we’re faced with can feel overwhelming. More young people than ever before need support for their mental health and accessing that support quickly, can make a critical difference to those young people. Yet, most of the time those young people need to wait. And wait. And wait. When it feels like nothing is there for you when you need it most, you feel alone. For far too many young people, this is their reality. When they need help and can’t get it, it feels like they’re being told they don’t matter. We have called our strategy ‘You Matter’ because, ultimately, that is what this is all about. We need young people to know that whatever they are going through, they matter and they deserve help. And each and every one of us needs to acknowledge that, to those young people, we matter and the role we can play is vital.

Action 4 Youth

Who we are

Transformative Action4Youth is an ambitious, proactive charity focused on driving forward the crucial youth agenda to transform lives for the better. Every child should have the opportunity to be heard, to be safe and to succeed. Collaborative We believe change is most impactful when delivered in collaboration with other youth agencies and key partners. We build partnerships across sectors so that we can share resources and expertise to secure the best possible outcomes for young people and their communities in Buckinghamshire and beyond. Empowering We listen and engage with our young people to give them a voice in developing our work and agenda. Our Youth Board and groups have a fundamental role in ensuring our programmes meet the needs of young participants across a wide spectrum of differing backgrounds including young people from the most deprived areas of society, those with disabilities and additional needs, and those who need support and inspiration to reach their goals and surpass limitations. Everything we do engages the rising generation of our community to work together in helping not only themselves but each other.

For us it’s about inspiring young people to become Inspiring Young People.

UCAS Additional Funding

From your course provider

When you search for courses, you can see if any bursaries, scholarships, or awards are available from the course provider. The amounts vary across different courses and locations – check the course listings and contact them for more info. Some course providers offer their own bursaries to help students progress in their studies. These may be offered to students who are involved in particular projects, in certain subject areas or specialisms. Some may receive funding based on their academic attainment, while other students may be eligible for support because of their personal circumstances. To see what bursaries are available at your university, college, or conservatoire, contact their student services office or visit their website.

GOV.UK 16-19 finance

Advice for institutions on the financial support young people may be able to access to help them participate in education and training.

MindMate – IOS


The award-winning MindMate® app transforms and maintains health and wellness through daily workouts and mental activities. With brain games to stimulate your mind, physical workouts that will shape your body and nutrition advice and recipes to fuel your healthy lifestyle. The app also connects to Apple's HealthKit to save and store your daily steps. MindMate is the ultimate all-in-one platform for healthy aging.

Approved and loved by over 1 million users worldwide, their users include baby boomers, active seniors, and those living with memory loss like dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. It’s a powerful tool for reducing the risk of memory loss and cognitive decline, as well as a firm support for those already living with such conditions.

Based on world-leading science, MindMate is specially designed to help those who want to stay healthy, happy & independent for as long as possible.



BRAIN WORKOUTS: A scientifically-supported suite of games to challenge the 4 core cognitive abilities and enhance critical thinking skills.

-Problem Solving




NUTRITION: Expert scientific and culinary advice to help you make healthier choices and prepare hundreds of nutritious dishes, that are specifically designed to nourish your body and mind.

EXERCISE: State-of-the-art video workouts and easy-to-follow fitness tips help you live a healthier lifestyle and stay physically, and mentally fit as you age. Workouts to help you:

- Improve your balance

- Strengthen your back and abs

- Improve the strength of your heart and lungs with Cardio

- & Yoga to work your mind and body

TV & MUSIC: Their entertainment section offers timeless video content and classic hits that are guaranteed to take you back in time as you enjoy the best movies and hits from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!

MY DIARY: Store your treasured memories to share and relive with family and friends! The Our Diary section will capture, store and share your photos, memories, and information building a personalized virtual life story that you can enjoy and share time and again!

REMINDERS: Never forget an appointment or chore again – You can make notes, to-do lists and customizable reminders for anything from grocery shopping to important anniversaries.

HEALTHKIT: MindMate uses Apple's HealthKit to store and record your activities such as daily steps

It’s Done

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Did you close the garage door? Turn off the stove? Take your vitamin? It’s Done app helps you instantly recall completion of routine tasks whenever you can’t remember whether or not you did them. So when that uneasy thought occurs, “Did I remember to…?”, It’s Done helps you confidently confirm the task is done. No need to check or re-check. No worries at all.

Patient Access

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Patient Access connects you to healthcare services when you need them most. Book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions and explore your local pharmacy services. NEW: You can now create a Patient Access account without linking to your UK GP practice and enjoy the following features: • If you’re feeling under the weather, search for symptoms and find patient information articles • Self-refer to NHS services such as talking therapies, sexual health, antenatal care and drug and alcohol addiction services • Choose from over 30 services provided by your local community pharmacy and book in the app • Book face-to-face and video appointments for a range of other healthcare services including physiotherapy and counselling • Access and read medical advice and healthy living tips from the experts • Sign in quickly, easily and securely with Touch or Face ID • Swiftly check if you can link to your GP If you are able to link your Patient Access account to your GP practice, you can also get access to the following features where they are made available by your practice: • Book face-to-face or remote online appointments with your GP, nurse or clinician at a time that suits you • Request repeat prescriptions online, with convenient delivery to your preferred pharmacy • View your medical record, including test results, allergies and immunisations • Securely share your medical record with healthcare professionals of your choosing, without the need to contact your practice • Look after your loved ones and act on their behalf to book appointments and repeat prescriptions • Message your GP directly from within Patient Access at home or on the move • Where your practice has enabled it, book a remote video consultation with your GP, nurse or clinician You must be a registered patient at a participating practice to use the GP-linked features in Patient Access.


During a health journey, everyone wants to know what’s going on, and how they can help. Public social media isn’t always the right place to share medical details, and it’s too hard to keep up with individual emails, texts and calls. CaringBridge offers a safe, secure place for patients and caregivers to provide health updates, and for family and friends to respond with messages of emotional support and prayers. • Free, with no ads • Each site has 3 privacy settings • Connect to GoFundMe for personal fundraising • CaringBridge is a global 501(c)3 nonprofit; founded in 1997
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Stress & Anxiety Companion – IOS

Companion, the NHS-approved mental health app, is here to give you the tools, techniques and strategies to help you manage stress and anxiety at work and improve your mental wellbeing so you can make the most of every working day.   Their guides use proven psychological techniques to help you reduce the symptoms of anxiety, lower your stress levels and cope better with life's challenges – and they're available to read or to listen to so you can get help anytime and anywhere.

Foundations: Wellbeing & sleep

Get access to science-based, practical tools to help you handle stress with Foundations. Build your resilience with evidence-based activities and programs carefully curated by the team of skilled mental health professionals at Koa Health. Work on your wellbeing whenever is best for you with exercises based on techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, mindfulness and positive psychology.
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Clear Dementia Care – Android

The CLEAR Dementia Care © App provides information about dementia and support for carers including: Different types, the brain, symptoms, behaviours and loss.To understand behaviour it can be helpful to look for patterns. The App includes a function to help record and chart behaviour. The App also contains illustrations and case examples to help us to understand the perspective of the person with dementia.

Wysa anxiety, therapy chatbot – Android

Imagine a mood tracker, mindfulness coach, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting buddy, all rolled into one. Wysa, your happiness buddy is that friendly and caring chatbot. Wysa is packed with daily spiritual meditation that improves mental health and is also a perfect way to bond over family meditation. Always there for you when you need someone to talk to, Wysa helps you keep track of your mood with friendly chats and helps fight stress and anxiety with its proven techniques and calming meditation and mindfulness audios. Checking in with Wysa regularly will improve your emotional health so you can track your happiness and mood. Talk to Wysa now and psy yourself up to fight off stress. Also, Wysa has mental health assessment with depression and anxiety tests.

Wysa Mental Health Support – IOS

Wysa is used by more than a million people from all walks of life. Research-backed, widely used techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and meditation are employed to support you with depression, stress, anxiety, sleep and a whole range of other mental health and wellness needs.   Talking to Wysa is empathetic, helpful, and will never judge. Your identity will remain anonymous and your conversations are privacy protected.   Wysa is an emotionally intelligent chatbot that uses AI to react to the emotions you express. Unlock techniques that help you cope with challenges. For extra support, take guidance from a qualified professional therapist. Leveraging behavioral techniques, therapists help you identify, design and work towards goals that are aligned with your true values.   Here’s a look at what you can use Wysa for :   - Vent and talk through things or just reflect on your day   - Practice CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT techniques to build resilience in a fun way   - Deal with loss, worries, or conflict, using conversational coaching tools   - Relax, focus and sleep peacefully with the help of mindfulness exercises   - Wysa connects with your Health app for to create activity reports   93% of the people who talk to Wysa find it helpful. So, go ahead, talk to Wysa!

Men’s Sheds

Men’s Sheds (or Sheds) are similar to garden sheds – a place to pursue practical interests at leisure, to practice skills and enjoy making and mending. The difference is that garden sheds and their activities are often solitary in nature while Men’s Sheds are the opposite. They’re about social connections and friendship building, sharing skills and knowledge, and of course a lot of laughter. Sheds are whatever the members (or Shedders as we call them) want them to be. Although labelled sheds, they often aren’t sheds at all. They can be empty offices, portable cabin’s, warehouses, garages, and in at least one case, a disused mortuary. Some Sheds are purpose built workshops, but they rarely start out that way. Many don’t have premises at all in the beginning and instead form a group that meets regularly for the social connection, company and camaraderie until they can find somewhere to kit out with tools. Many Sheds get involved in community projects too – restoring village features, helping maintain parks and green spaces, and building things for schools, libraries and individuals in need.