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Jelly Drops

Jelly Drops are award-winning sweets designed to boost hydration. They’re 95% water, sugar-free and vegan with a fantastic, solid but smooth texture! Ideal for people struggling to hydrate to boost their water intake independently and with more dignity. Today, these deliciously fruity treats are designed to be enjoyed by everyone!

Lifeline Digital GSM Alarm and Pendant

Lifeline Digital GSM Alarm and Pendant

GSM Alarms are ideal for those who don't have an active landline in their home. Instead of a landline connection, these alarms use a SIM card to connect to the strongest mobile phone network in your area. The pre-installed SIM card will scan multiple networks and connect to the one with the strongest signal. Once connected, one push of a button will connect you to our 24/7 Response Team. The alarm unit contains a speaker and microphone, allowing you to communicate with the Response Team. The GSM Alarm also comes with a wearable pendant. To call for assistance, you can press the button on your pendant or the red button on the alarm base unit. The Lifeline GSM Alarm is an ideal solution for people who want peace of mind at home but do not have an active landline connection. It gives you 24/7 access to our life-saving Response Team, helping you live safely and confidently in your home.

This service includes:

  • The Digital GSM Alarm Unit - ideal for those that do not have a landline
  • 1 x Wireless GSM Pendant
  • 3 months monitoring from our expert response team

Lifeline GO GPS Alarm

Lifeline GO GPS Alarm

The Lifeline GO is perfect for anyone who wants peace of mind at home and on the go. With cutting edge GPS technology and a handsfree speakerphone system, the GO could be the solution to your worries. Alongside the GO GPS Alarm itself, you will also receive a stainless-steel hypoallergenic chain and a keyring attachment, so you can decide how you want to wear your new pendant. You could wear it around your neck, clip it onto a belt, or attach it to your keys. In addition, you will receive an easy-to-use wireless charging station to replenish the alarm’s long-lasting battery. If you have a fall or feel unwell in any way, all you need to do is press and hold the buttons on the front and back of the GO Alarm simultaneously. This will activate an alarm call to our Emergency Response centre. Our Response Team will answer the call within seconds and talk to you through the built-in speakerphone in order to assess the situation. Thanks to the GPS locator, they will be able to see your precise location and send help to you immediately. In most cases, this means calling your emergency contacts to assist you (usually relatives, close friends, and/or neighbours) but, where necessary, we will also contact the emergency services. Unlike traditional personal alarms, the GO GPS Alarm does not depend on a landline connection. Instead, it connects to the mobile phone network, so it can raise an alarm call wherever you are. You can also perform a connection test at any time by pressing and holding one of the two buttons. This will play a voice message which tells you the strength of your current connection and the amount of charge left in the long-lasting battery. The GO GPS Alarm can last up to one month between charges. This service includes:
  • The GO GPS Alarm
  • Wireless charging unit
  • Hypoallergenic stainless-steel chain attachment
  • Split ring attachment
  • 3 months monitoring from our expert response team

Lifeline Vi Alarm with MyAmie Pendant

Lifeline Vi Alarm with MyAmie Pendant

The Lifeline VI Alarm & Pendant is the latest telecare alarm technology manufactured by Tunstall. The package comes complete with everything you need to get started right away, and is easy to setup and test with a simple step by step guide provided inside. The compact and stylish alarm base comes in a standard grey and white colour scheme, with three buttons to the front which can show the unit’s status through different coloured LED lights. The speaker can be seen located to the front of the alarm base and the radio antenna and sockets hidden on the rear edge of the alarm so you can hide any wires feeding from the alarm out of sight. The Lifeline Vi home unit also has an integral temperature sensor that can monitor the environmental temperature in the room where the Lifeline is placed. The small, stylish, red and white MyAmie Pendant works remotely alongside the alarm base and is both waterproof, and features an auto low battery notification system. The pendant has a range of up to 100m so can be used to generate help anywhere in the home. It also comes with different wearer attachments, so can be worn on the wrist, around the neck or attached to a belt for easy accessibility to press in an emergency. With the Monthly plan you will be initially covered for monitoring from the expert 24/7 Response Team if the alarm is activated so there are no worries of having to renew your plan each month! You can purchase an additional MyAmie Pendant for a second user in the same property for an additional £5 per month. This saves you the cost of having two separate alarms as one Lifeline Vi base unit can be shared between two people. This service includes:
  • The plug & play Lifeline Vi Alarm
  • 1 x Wireless Lifeline MyAmie Pendant
  • Wrist strap
  • Neck lanyard
  • 3 months monitoring from our expert response team

NuVuLife Meal+


What will I receive with my order? 


You’ll receive 1 x 3kg tub of Unflavoured Fortification Liqui-Life Powder.

NUTRIENT-RICH FORTIFICATION – Developed for people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight. Our high protein formulation promotes maintenance, recovery and repair. Our products do not rely on excess sugar to taste great. Instead, NuVu Life’s mission is to offer a range of appetising high-quality products that are nutrient focused and tailored to help people.

60 X SERVINGS – The Liqui-Life Fortification is available in a convenient 3kg tub, with measuring scoop, making preparation easy and convenient. 

363 CALORIES WHEN MIXED WITH 200ML OF WHOLE MILK – Perfect for individuals with suppressed appetites, those that suffer from dysphagia or for people that are recovering from illness. 

FULL OF VITAMINS AND MINERALS – One Liqui-Life Fortification contains 100% recommended intake of 17 essential vitamins and minerals.

Minerals: Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium and Iron.

Vitamins A, D3, K1, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Pantothenic Acid and Biotin.

Providing you with a nutrient dense formulation to promote health and well-being.

ZINC & BONE HEALTH – Zinc contributes to the maintenance of normal bones.

SELENIUM & IMMUNE SYSTEM – Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system.

MAGNESIUM & BLOOD PRESSURE – Magnesium helps to regulate blood pressure.

VITAMIN B12 & COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE – Vitamin B12 helps maintain the nerve system and cognitive performance.

VITAMIN B6 & ENERGY METABOLISM – Vitamin B6 is necessary to maintain energy and general vitality.

VITAMIN D& MUSCLE FUNCTION – Vitamin D3 helps to build and maintain strong muscles.

NUVU LIFE – A new view on nutrition for people who need it the most.

NuVuLife Shake 7 x 50g


Benefits and nutritional info of NuVuLife Shakes.

High in Protein

Made from sources of high quality, natural protein
Dependent on flavour, there is up to 22g of protein per 50g sachet.  When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one of our nutrition shakes will provide between 23.8- 28.8g of protein.   Protein is essential for maintaining muscle mass and aiding weight gain.


When mixed with 200ml of whole milk (as recommended) one shake will provide approx. 364 kcal Calories are essential for weight gain and drinking nutrition shakes between meals is an excellent way to boost intake. 

Low Sugar

There is less than 5g of sugar in each 50g sachet, making it suitable for many people who suffer from Diabetes. Please note, this is dependent on the individual’s Diabetic status and you should seek advice from a health professional if you are unsure. 

High in Vitamins

One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of vitamins A, D3, K1, E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6 and B12. 

High in Minerals

One 50g sachet will provide you with 100% recommended intake of minerals: selenium, magnesium, zinc and iron. 


Our nutrition shakes taste great When mixed with cold milk they are refreshingly thick and creamy. Alternatively, many customers heat up their chocolate shakes to make a lovely hot chocolate.

Out-and-About Classic GPS Alarm

Simple to use GPS personal alarm with location tracking and emergency button. Get help from anywhere in the UK in any emergency.

Out-and-About Mobile Alarm

Mobile alarm for the elderly with outbound calling, fall detection, GPS tracking and personal alarm button. Get help quickly at the press of a button. Works at home and from anywhere in the UK.

Out-and-About Personal Alarm Watch

Stylish looking smartwatch with built-in personal alarm. Designed for older adults and the elderly who want peace of mind they can get help quickly in an emergency from any UK location.

Taking Care Anywhere

Personal alarm for older adults that works at home and out-and-about. Includes fall detection and GPS tracking. Get help quickly, from anywhere, in an emergency.

Atlantis Deluxe Inflatable Shampoo Ring

Finally, a solution for washing hair in bed. Properly position the head and shoulders for shampooing with these shampoo basins. The Deluxe Basin has a double-tube design that prevents water from splilling. Includes a 1190mm (47") drain hose. Made of durable vinyl for years of use. The Deluxe basin measures 710 x 610 x 150mm (28 x 24 x 6").

Harley Designer Plus Pillow

Award winning comfort. - UK's top selling professional orthopaedic pillow - Unique moulded shape together with the pressure relieving properties of memory foam make this the perfect sleeping partner - Fitted inner and zipped outer case as standard - additional cases available. If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.


£27.92 (save £4.65 if VAT exempt)
- Security - Independence - Mobility - Confidence - Injury Prevention - Emergency Escape - Universal Fit - Convenient Size and Weight - Non Slip Handle - Patented, Engineered Design The customer can get in and out of their vehicle easily and comfortably with this strong simple device. The Handy Bar, with its soft grip, non-slip handle for extra comfort and super strong forged steel shaft, creates a safe, solid support handle where it is needed. The Handy Bar fits the majority of vehicles with the “U" shaped striker. The Handy Bar also incorporates a Seat Belt Cutter and Glass Breaker to help leave a vehicle quickly and easily in the event of an accident The Handybar® inserts into the U-shaped striker plate on your vehicle door frame. The U-shaped striker plate is one of the strongest parts of the vehicle and is designed to keep your vehicle door closed in the event of a side-impact collision. There is a striker on each of the vehicle's door pillars allowing the Handybar® to be used on both driver and passenger side-doors.

Compact Aluminium Rollator – Blue

£159.59 (save £26.60 if VAT exempt)
A lightweight aluminium rollator that is easily manoeuvrable, prompting independence inside and outside of the home. Looped brakes can be locked to give the user additional confidence when resting in a seated or standing position. The seat height has three positions and can be adjusted easily depending on the height of the user. The handles are also height adjustable. Folds easily for storage and transportation. Includes a bag for storage under the seat. Available in a metallic blue frame. Max user weight 18 stone.

Harley 11 degree Wedge

Tilts the pelvis to the optimum 11 degree keeping the spine in its natural position. - Significantly decreases pain in the lower back and legs - Available with optional coccyx cut out and/or fixing strap - Size: 36x36x10cm (14x14x4"). If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.

Harley Designer Coccyx Wedge

An ideal 8º angle ensures the natural 'S' shape of the spine is maintained. - A base of high resilient foam bonded to a topping of visco elastic memory foam - Even weight distribution - Supremely comfortable - Available with optional coccyx cut out and/or fixing strap - Size: 36x36x7cm (14x14x2¾"). If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.

Atlantis Raised Toilet Seat

£22.42£29.45 (save £3.74 if VAT exempt)
The Atlantis Raised Toilet Seats RTS are avaiable in 3 height sizes and either with or without a lid. The lid can be used as a bthroom seat. They are lightweight and easy to install. All the parts can all be cleaned with warm water and a neutral cleanser or totally immersed in water. They can also be autoclaved. Total width 36.5cm and total length 40.5cm. Please follow instruction for use.

Harley Original Plus Pillow

Used and recommended by clinicians and healthcare professionals for more than 15 years. It is moulded from cold cast polyurethane foam to offer added support. Its unique design has helped many thousands of people achieve the ultimate nights sleep. It is fitted inner and removable slipover case as standard (except the travel pillow which has a zipped Harley velour pillow case). If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.

Harley Slimline Wedge

Ideal in the car where headroom is at a premium. - Fantastic when the need is felt for just a little added support to ease muscle tension in the lumbar region - Available with optional coccyx cut out and/or fixing strap - Size: 36x36x5cm (14x14x2"). If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.

Over Chair Table

This Over chair table is made from epoxy coated steel with an easy clean laminate Beech effect table top, which can be tilted for reading or craft activities, the table is fitted with four castors for ease of positioning. Ideal for use with a rise and recline chair as the legs of the table do not need to go under the chair, they fit around the chair. A very popular product. The Over Chair table is height adjustable from 695mm to 845mm.

Splash Scooter Control Panel Cover – M/L

£15.10 (save £2.52 if VAT exempt)
This wrap around control panel cover prevents rain from getting into your scooter controls. The cover is a universal fit for most styles of scooters and the elasticated edges fit snugly around the handles. A simple but effective solution!

Splash Scooter

£45.70£60.70 (save £7.62 if VAT exempt)
The scooter storage cover is a lightweight elasticated cover that slips over your scooter when additional temporary cover is required. The smart navy fabric is fully waterproof and the seams are sealed to ensure that water does not get through. Fits most three and four wheeled scooters. The cover is machine washable as well as wipe clean. The scooter storage cover folds up small enough after use to fit a storage bag or pouch.

Stander 30″ Safety Bed Rail

£131.66 (save £21.94 if VAT exempt)
This bed rail works well as a side rail to keep you from falling out of bed and as a support bar for getting in and out of bed. The safety bed rail folds down and out of the way when it isn't in use. Attaches to any size home or hospital bed with included dual safety strap and at 23" high will accommodate taller pillow top mattresses. The safety bed rail is a great home care product for anyone who has problems with falling out of bed. Cannot be used on UK profiling beds.

Stander EZ Adjust Bed Rail with Pouch

£176.12 (save £29.35 if VAT exempt)
The only bed rail that adjusts in length after installation. Works well as a side rail to keep you from falling out of bed, as well as a support bar for getting in and out of bed. It adjusts from 26" to 34" to 42" with the push of a button. The rail also folds down and out of the way when it isn't in use. Can be installed on either side of the bed in between the mattress and box spring. Includes a dual safety strap that secures it to the bed frame. Works well on any size home or hospital bed rail and at 23" high it accommodates the thicker pillow top mattresses. Excellent for seniors and anyone else who is need of home care. Cannot be used on UK profiling beds.