Our range of walking frame accessories are aids for the elderly & disabled. Provide extra support for your loved ones to help maintain their independence, whether it’s for mobility or storage. Browse our selection to find the support your loved ones need.

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Buckingham Caddy

£50.72 (save £8.45 if VAT exempt)
Developed by healthcare professionals the Buckingham Walking Frame Caddy enables users of wheeled walking frames to safely transport a variety of daily living items. In most instances it can replace the need for a trolley. The caddy enables a patient to carry most items safely and more independently, without being reliant upon carers. The Caddy has one large and one small compartment to allow the user to separate items such as glasses, keys, medication etc. Supplied with a tray, that is designed to safely transport a plate of food, and a mug holder, which catches any spillages. The caddy is easy to fit to most styles of walking frame. Manufactured from a tough, durable plastic it can be cleaned in a dishwasher and has drainage holes, for easy drying. Maximum carrying weight 2kg.Width without tray 434mm (17"). Width with tray 457mm (18"). Depth with tray 310mm (12.25").

Easy Caddy

£48.16 (save £8.03 if VAT exempt)
The EasyCaddy consists of a tray and an outer case (bucket), which allows you to safely carry personal items and meals easily and with confidence. It is simple to attach to many folding wheeled walkers. It is light sturdy, easy to clean, and it will not upset the balance of the walker. Width 415mm (16 "). Depth 330mm (13"). Height (with tray) 190mm

Net Bag

£11.21 (save £1.87 if VAT exempt)
A knotted nylon bag, that can clip onto any walking frame for carrying shopping or personal belongings.

Walker Glides – Grey

£5.69 (save £0.95 if VAT exempt)
Easy to attach to walkers, fits on rear legs and replaces rubber ferrules. Glides walker across floor. Made from durable plastic.