Our range of kitchen aids are designed to support the elderly & disabled. This is achieved through keeping them safe as well as enabling them to still cook for themselves. Maintaining independence in the kitchen can mean a lot. Browse our selection and find the support your loved ones need.

StayPut Silicon Trivet

The Isagi Silicone Trivets are ideal for preventing hot pans, casseroles or serving dishes from marking, burning or damaging kitchen surfaces and worktops, or the dining table. Made of 100% silicone, they are heat resistant to 240 degree, and do not conduct the heat from the pan or casserole through to the under surface. Even if direct from the oven. Dishwasher safe, the simple folding design means they can be neatly stored in a drawer, so also ideal for small kitchens in caravans or boats.

Webequ Bread Knife

£28.49 (save £4.75 if VAT exempt)
The intelligently designed grip offers excellent control and you can therefore handle even the toughest of crusts, and slice your bread exactly the way you want. This grip requires less use of strength and you can therefore work longer without experiencing fatigue. This bread knife is therefore recommended to people with reduced arm- and shoulder strength. Length of blade 22.2cm