You look after your loved one’s health and well-being every day. However, you may often neglect your own health for the sake of looking after the person that you care for.
Take a look at some of our products and services to help support your health and well-being, as well as your loved ones.

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Bridgit Watch – Subscription

£17.94 / month
This subscription is in conjunction with your Bridgit Watch, the easy to use technology that Bridges the gap between family carers and their loved ones. You will need the following details to complete your subscription purchase:
  1. Watch Serial Number (S/N)
  2. The Watch MAC
  3. Your Watch Order Number
Note: The above details can be found on the box for your Bridgit Watch.

Blood Pressure monitor – Bluetooth

The blood pressure cuff is designed for comfort and simplicity, fitting any arm between 22 to 42 cm around and will not cause excessive pressure while it inflates. Suitable to take readings for 2 individuals. Features Include:
  • Large LCD Screen with accuracy of ±3mmHg for the blood pressure and ±5% for the pulse.
  • Supports 30 memory average reading functions to get a more accurate measurement.
  • 2 Power Supply Modes & APP Records - the device can be charged by using the USB power adapter without batteries.
  • Connects with your smart phone to track your measurement data and follow your health situation.
  • Can be used for 2 users - with each user being able to store 99 readings each in its memory.
  • Simply press a single button to learn about the recent records of your health conditions.
  • 22-42 cm adjustable Cuff

Pulse Oximeter – Bluetooth

Being widely used at home, medical institutions, community centers and more it is suitable for children, adults and the elderly. This fingertip pulse oximeter makes rapid and accurate measurements of your:
  1. Blood Oxygen Saturation (SpO2),
  2. Pulse Rate (PR) and
  3. Perfusion Index (PI)
allowing you to track your health at any time.
This device will also work with the Bridgit Home Hub when performing health checks so you can add the results to your Bridgit Care Profile or that of your loved one.