Our range of dressing aids are designed to support the elderly & disabled in getting ready for the day ahead. Whether its brushing their hair or getting dressed, your loved ones can maintain their independence. Browse our selection to find the support your loved ones need.

Button Hook/Zipper Pull

£6.54 (save £1.09 if VAT exempt)
Assists in button and zip fastening.

Dressing Stick – 460mm (18″)

£7.02 (save £1.17 if VAT exempt)
This handy device combines a dressing stick and a shoehorn. Ideal for people whose reach, dexterity or ability to bend is limited due to arthritis or back/leg injuries. Designed with a push-pull Shook at one end, and a long-handled shoehorn at the opposite end. Hook end can be used to help put on pants, sweaters, socks and other articles of clothing, or to reach clothes hangers on high closet rods. Device is available in two lengths, 610 or 760mm (24 or 30"). Made of durable plastic with a smooth surface and rounded edges. Handle measures 32mm (1 ") in diameter and has a soft, built-up foam that covers its entire length.

Ring Zipper Aids

£4.45 (save £0.74 if VAT exempt)
A useful device for people who find it difficult grasping and pulling small zips. Sold in a pack of 3