Carer Support Service – Wandsworth

If the person you care for is admitted to hospital, it’s possible that this can effect the needs of both yourself and that person. There is a process that should be followed within hospitals to ensure a safe hospital discharge: Patients should be involved in every step of their discharge and discussions about what needs to be put in place should start as soon as possible. As a Carer, you should also be involved with this, with the permission of the person you care for. An assessment should be carried out to determine if care needs to be arranged for when a patient returns home and what that care will look like. It may be that extra personal care is required or equipment is needed to aid recovery. It is important that, as a Carer, you are able to talk about what you can and can’t, reasonably, do. Perhaps the mobility of the person you care for has become restricted due to their hospital stay and you are unable to assist them with moving; this would need to be explained in order to make sure the correct help is put in place.

Carers Emergency Card – Wandsworth

The Carer’s Emergency Card Scheme provides peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, the person you care for will receive help and support whilst you're not there. The scheme helps you develop a plan for what might happen if you had an emergency and were unable to carry out your normal caring responsibilities. The Carer’s Emergency Card is recognised by local health and emergency services, so if you aren’t able to call a friend of family member, your emergency plan will be activated.

Groups and Workshops – Wandsworth

Wandsworth Carer's Centre run a range of training courses and workshops to support Carers in their caring role and to develop personal skills and abilities outside of their caring role for self-development. Examples of courses we have provided include:
  • Improving Self-Esteem
  • Budgeting
  • Speaking up
  • Train the Trainer
Courses we regularly offer and that are co-produced with Carers include:
  • Stress Management
  • The Carers Star
  •  Long Term Planning

The Stress Management for Carers course has been designed and developed with Carers for Carers.

It involves two 3 hour sessions that are delivered over two consecutive weeks and include the following:

  • What is Stress?
  • Personal Stress Triggers
  • Time Management and Prioritising
  • Coping Strategies & Stress Management Techniques
  • Breathing and Relaxation Exercises