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Carer Support in Hospital – Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Carers Support Centre has a team of Hospital Carer Liaison Workers who work at the BRI and Southmead Hospital. They provide one-to-one support for carers whilst they, or the person they care for, are in hospital. You can also get support for hospital discharge and the Hosptial Carer Liason Workers provide a valuable way of communicating with health professionals if the person you care for is in hospital. We help you by:
    • explaining hospital processes
    • communicating needs or concerns toward staff
    • emotional and End of Life support
    • attending meetings with you
    • ensuring you are involved in the care of the person you care for whilst they are in hospital, or supporting you to use the time to have a break from caring
    • speaking to you about benefits, carer's assessments and signposting you to other services
    • reporting on your experiences to hospital management.

Carers Emergency Card – Bristol and South Gloucestershire

What would happen to the person you care for in an emergency or if you had an accident? Carers carry a card that shows their name, a unique identification number, and an emergency phone number. If a carer has an accident, has an emergency, or is taken seriously ill, this Carers Emergency Card can be used to alert a 24-hour emergency call centre to inform them that the person they care for needs help. Steps are then taken to ensure the safety of the person they care for. This card also opens up a variety of discounts for the card holder and can be used for:
  • Days out
  • Relaxation and therapies
  • Retail and eating
  • and more
Cards are issued by Bristol City Council or via the Carers Support Centre.

CarersLine – Bristol and South Gloucestershire

Need help, but don't know where to start? If you live in the Bristol and South Gloucester area you are not alone and can receive support locally. CarersLine is confidential and you can call with any questions or concerns that you have, to do with your caring role. They are available to listen to your concerns and can help with:
  • Breaks from caring and other ways of looking after yourself
  • Information about benefits and debt and where carers can go to get specialist help
  • Juggling work and care
  • Where to start in getting help at home
  • Support for carers in health settings
  • Aids and adaptations
  • Transport and travel issues
  • Guidance with form filling and where to go for further help
  • Managing other people’s affairs
  • Other free services