Equipment Hire – Birmingham

Today they have over 100 customers on long term rentals, and many customers on short term rentals, and also sell refurbished and new equipment. They offer service and repair too so please feel free to contact them or visit the showroom to discuss your mobility needs today.

Equipment Hire – Humber

Living aids are gadgets and specially designed equipment that can help you complete tasks more easily. Often they are things you can purchase yourself at little cost, but sometimes they are more specialised and need to be acquired from a specialist supplier.

Equipment Hire – Leeds

There are many types of equipment to help you with everyday activities at home.

These can help you live more independently and safely if you're older or disabled. Different types of equipment can be used to help in the:
  • kitchen - such as bigger control knobs for the cooker and kettle tippers to help you pour water
  • bathroom - such as raised toilet seats and commodes, shower and bath seats, alterations to taps
  • bedroom - such as specially adapted beds, grab rails, talking clocks
  • living room - such as specially adapted chairs, mobile or ceiling mounted hoists
  • rest of your home - such as louder doorbells and phones, wall to floor rails, alterations to steps, trolleys for carrying things between rooms

Equipment Hire – Norfolk

All County Councils have a statutory requirement to provide Community Equipment Services for people with social care needs, to enable them to stay living at home as independently as possible. NHS Norfolk and Waveney Clinical Commissioning Group have a statutory requirement to provide similar equipment for people with health care needs. Norfolk County Council (NCC) and Suffolk County Council (SCC) work together to provide an Integrated Community Equipment Service (ICES) for Norfolk & Waveney. Nottingham Rehab Services Ltd (NRS Healthcare) is our service provider for the delivery, collection, repair and servicing of community equipment within Norfolk and Waveney.

Equipment provided

Working closely with occupational therapists and other clinicians, ICES loans equipment free of charge to enable people to stay living at home independently, reducing the need for hospital or care home admissions. The provision of equipment is often key to facilitating hospital discharges. All equipment loaned will be provided on an individual basis to people who have been assessed as needing it. Here are some examples of what their equipment can help with:
  • Getting into and out of bed
  • Getting in and out of the bath, or up from the toilet
  • Getting washed and dressed
  • Getting up out of a chair
  • Carrying things between rooms

Equipment Hire – Sheffield

You may be eligible for an Occupational Assessment if you have long term difficulties carrying out everyday tasks. If your assessment finds that you need equipment, this can be loaned to you through the Integrated Community Equipment Loan Service Sheffield (ICELSS).

Equipment Hire – Sunderland

Community Equipment Services supplies and fits equipment and minor adaptations to help children and adults with disabilities to live safely and independently at home. The service is a jointly funded partnership between Sunderland City Council and the Sunderland Clinical Commissioning Group. Equipment is free of charge and provided on a long-term loan basis following an assessment from a nurse, Occupational Therapist, or Physiotherapist. If you want advice about buying your own equipment, the service can put you in touch with an Occupational Therapist who can help. The service repairs, services, maintains and replaces equipment. The professional who assesses your needs will tell you when your equipment is being delivered. When they deliver your equipment, they will show you how to use it safely. When you no longer need your equipment, you can bring it back to them or they can come and collect it from you.

Equipment Hire – York

Be Independent equipment loan service provides simple aids to daily living to support lifelong independence for:
  • disabled people
  • people recovering from surgery
  • elderly people
If you or someone you care for could benefit from help with daily living, contact the Adult Social Care Team to get an assessment of your care needs.

Loan equipment from Be Independent

Based on assessment details and the equipment needed, when you loan equipment from Be Independent they'll arrange:
  • delivery to your home address, or alternative address in York
  • options for you, carers or healthcare professionals to collect equipment
  • fitting and installation of equipment in your home, if requested by a healthcare professional
  • maintenance of equipment to ensure statutory compliance
  • collection or return of equipment no longer required
  • cleaning of returned equipment at our decontamination unit
  • repair, refurbishment and recycling of equipment, where viable

Equipment Loans and Returns

Equipment stores at Scunthorpe and Grimsby hospitals loan out specialist items to help you with everyday life.