Grab rails are bathroom essentials for the elderly & disabled, especially those with limited mobility or balance. Grab rails are mountable handles that can be attached to the wall or bath to provide leverage and support. For those who need aid accessing the bath, shower, toilet and sink. Browse our products and find the support you need.

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Atlantis Bath Tub Grab Bar

Bathtub grab bar with hand-holds for added security. Clamp can be adjusted from 76-177mm (3-7"), overall height 495mm 19.5" height above the tub 374mm (14.75"). Not for use in lipped style bath tubs.

Atlantis Modular Grab Rail System – Fluted Tube – 530mm

£4.18£9.68 (save £0.70 if VAT exempt)
The Atlantis Modular Grab Rail System consists of various parts to make a unique grab rail system. The minum number of parts required are two end flanges and one fluted tube. From this you can make many types of rail configurations to suit your requirements. The connectors extend the rails length and this can be done in a straight line or by using angled connectors to angle the rail. There are three lenghs of fluted tube to choose from. All the parts are in white. Assembly is simple as the parts just slot together. The parts should be fixed onto the wall using the correct screws and fittings for the particular wall. These fxings are not supplied.

Prima Grab Bar – White

An innovation in safety grab rail design. The New Prima grab bar is one of the strongest and most attractive grab bars on the market. The bars feature special soft grip mouldings around the bar to reduce the risk of slipping, even with wet soapy hands. The bars are strong one piece moulded plastic with a super reinforced strength of an internal non rust aluminum tube. The ergonomical grip is comfortable and never cold to touch, unlike most metal grab bars. The straight bars can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The two specially designed angled grab bars are ideal next to the WC, helping users with weak hand strength to rise from the seat. Reinforced screw mounting points are concealed by colour coordinate plastic covers.

Steel Grab Rail

£9.40£10.44 (save £1.57 if VAT exempt)
Plastic coated grab rails available in three lengths. Manufactured from 25mm (1") tube. Two fixing holes with flat fixing plates.