Positioning cushions and aids provide comfort & posture support in a range of situations. These aids are effective in providing support for sitting & lying down as well as limb support. Our positioning aids are designed to help with pains caused by conditions, poor posture, strains or even if you just require more comfort. Browse our products and find the comfort you need.

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Harley Abduction Wedge (Teal)

Designed to offer hip extension and abduction. - Manufactured from high grade polyurethane foam for optimum support - Multi stretch waterproof / VP cover - Size: 55(l)x15(h)x49(w)>10(w)cm (21¾x6x19¼>4"). If this product is showing as out of stock (red dot), please note that as we manufacture this product on site it can normally be manufactured and available within 2/3 days of receiving your order.