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“Help for carers and carer support is essential for the well-being of carers and their loved ones.

The work that carers do is invaluable, yet their contributions and selfless efforts are often overlooked. 

To combat this, we are developing new innovative technologies and new service models to help both the carers and the ones they look after.  We are wrapping our arms around the carer community.

We provide help for carers in the form of practical & innovate solutions, expert guidance, and look to partner with local carer support organistions. ” 

Darren Crombie, Founder

How it all began.

It all started with Dougie

Dougie is the grandfather of our CEO and Founder, Darren. 

Dougie is a well-loved and larger-than-life character, but in recent years has been cared for primarily by Darren’s mother and sister. 

Darren’s experience with his grandfather, combined with his experience working in the health sector, drew attention to the lack of support that unpaid carers receive.

Darren felt compelled to do something about this, and after a fateful journey across the Humber bridge gave inspiration for our name.  We are bridg-ing the gap in carer support (bridg-it- get it?).

Bridgit is still growing and learning but one thing is for sure: we are dedicated to providing the best carer support solutions and help for carers available. 

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Unpaid carers look after the most vulnerable in our society; not only is this a selfless act, but in doing this unpaid carers save the NHS £132 billion per year.

Despite their significant contributions to society, there is a real lack of support available for unpaid carers with their daily struggles. 

We want to show our appreciation for unpaid carers by supporting them, empowering them, and uplifting them. 



We combine our industry leading technological solutions with empathetic guidance to provide a complete carer support solution. 

Whether a carer wants a device that allows them to care for their loved one remotely, or if they want someone to actively listen to their struggles and provide support: Bridgit provides these services and more. 


We care for carers all over the UK with whatever complex needs they may have. We help carers to find carer support resources within their local communities, as well as nationally or with our organisation.

All of our solutions deliver to UK addresses, so there is no need for carers and their loved ones to leave the comfort of their own homes to access carer support. 

Bridgit Care - Team


We are a diverse team from many different working backgrounds, fusing creativity and technical expertise to make a dynamic organisation of passionate individuals. 

Why not meet the team?

We are here to provide carer support whenever we are needed. Email us at contact@bridgit.care or book onto a Carer Support Call to talk to a trained Care Coach about your query or concern.

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