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My loved one has very few interests

My loved one has very few interests

Why don’t you try? : Find out about why people lose interest in their hobbies as they age

Unfortunately, as many family and professional caregivers would tell you, it’s all too common to see ageing adults lose interest in the things they once loved.

In some cases, older adults may give up their hobbies or pastimes due to physical changes and health concerns. For example, that dad who loved gardening can no longer squat and stand as often as he needs to in order to take care of the backyard. Perhaps a loved one who was always an avid cook may stop working in the kitchen because they’re experiencing changes in their sense of smell or taste.

In many other cases, though, the causes are less cut-and-dry. Some older adults simply give up their interests over time because they stop finding pleasure in things. This could be due to a psychological condition that is referred to as anhedonia. In some cases, anhedonia may manifest itself as a lack of motivation to do things, or general apathy. In other events, older adults may not get pleasure from the activities that they do, causing them to start resenting their interests and hobbies.

Whatever the cause, it can be dismaying enough to see the older adult in your life lose interest in hobbies, relationships, and activities they once enjoyed. When a person loses the things they’re passionate about, they lose a little bit of themselves. As a loving friend or family member, these changes, whether major or minor, can be incredibly frustrating or scary to see first hand. As we get older, a little bit less motivation and enthusiasm can be par for the course. But when it starts to affect an older adult’s health, happiness, and quality of life, it’s only natural to want to step in and provide help, in whatever way you can.

Source: Companions for Seniors
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Start a new hobby or activity together or with a local community group, Look this week at what is available and what would interest your loved one, Book an appointment with a GP if you feel loss of interest could be related to a health condition,

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