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My loved one has autism and wants to live alone, but I’m worried

My loved one has autism and wants to live alone, but I’m worried

Why don’t you try? : Find out about living alone with autism

Our society generally regards moving out as developmentally appropriate; however, you may wonder if your autistic child will ever be ready for this rite of passage. Start by thinking about the new skills young adults need to live on their own:

  • Managing money to pay the bills, rent, utilities, food, etc.
  • Managing their lives to know when to go to bed and when to wake up so as not be late for work or school.
  • Eating right, creating a shopping list, purchasing food, preparing dinner, ordering take-out.
  • Remembering to take medications and maintaining health and hygiene.
  • Getting to appointments, work, stores, social engagements, etc.
  • Attending to the not fun chores of cleaning the house, washing and folding the laundry, etc.
  • All of this and more is necessary for independent living.

Some autistic individuals are completely capable of living on their own; others will learn through experience, and still others will need to be taught specific life skills tasks before being able to live on their own. Some individuals will always need some help and will never be completely independent. There are community supports to assist autistic individuals.

Source: Car Autism Road Map
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Speak to a family member, friend or write down what is worrying you – what can be put in place to help overcome these worries. Speak to your loved one about what you are worried about, maybe you can come to a resolution together. Look into having a Bridgit Home Hub in their home to give you added reassurance. Create a support ring for your loved one so they know who can support them and check in with them.

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