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How to secure donations for your charity in a changing world

How to secure donations for your charity in a changing world

Outside pressures affect charities in much the same way as they do businesses with cash flow being one of the toughest challenges.

Charities can struggle at the best of times but the pandemic has made it extremely tough, with the top 4 pressures being identified as:

  1. Identifying people in need
  2. Fundraising
  3. Financial challenges
  4. Volunteer retention
A number of our team members are involved with charities on a personal level, both volunteering and fundraising.
Bridgit Affiliates - Donations for Charities Image: Kat and Sophie fundraising for their charities before the Covid-19 Pandemic – Dove House Hospice and Dementia Care UK

We have had a number of conversations with the team and charities about the struggles experienced when trying to fund raise during the pandemic and led to us wanting to find ways to alleviate some of these worries and pressures.  

Not being able to fund raise in the ways we used to is frustrating because we understand just how important gifted money is to charities and in a lot of cases is the only source of income they have to:

a) Run the charity and

b) Support people in their communities.


With the ever changing rules around where people can come together for events such as fun runs, family fun days and the fact that people rarely use cash anymore means giving spare change at supermarkets and on the street has all but stopped.

This ultimately results in serious financial challenges to keep charities in operation and to do the much needed work that more than often fills the gaps that central governments are unable to fill.

We came to the realisation that the solution requires working together in a collaborative way so we can achieve mutual goals of:
1) Provide a sustainable way for charities to continue to bring money in during good and tough times.
2) Supporting unpaid family carers and their loved ones to find the products and services they need.
There are over 6.5 million carers in the UK and many of them are hidden. 
They work at your charity, are your volunteers or even donors.  They need products to help them care for a loved one and your charity needs donations to continue the work you do in your community.

By signposting carers within your community to you can help them and generate income for your charity.

How it Works

For every purchase made by someone you direct to that finds and purchases something they need, 10% of the profit made goes to your charity no matter how much is spent.

We are not saying this will fix all of the financial worries but it will go a long way to help.

All you have to do is go to the affiliate program page to sign up and we will provide you with all the things you need to get started, to help unpaid family carers and to help your own charity.

We provide:

– full tracking and reporting of your profits
– artwork and copy for banners, posters, social media elements etc
– support for your events and news
– hints and tips on the best ways to engage people online.

 You can find out more information by clicking the banner below: