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I’ve not spoken to one of my best friends in a long while

I’ve not spoken to one of my best friends in a long while

Why don’t you try? : Ways to reconnect with friends

Many of us are now feeling a pull to connect with someone from our past. After all, you can be around people all day children, spouses, roommates and still feel lonely. You might be missing your most intimate relationships, your fun acquaintances and the communities you belong to that bring out certain sides of your personality. Before you reach out, experts agree you should think about what your intentions are. Do you want to just say a quick hello, engage in a deep-dive catch-up session or re-enter each other’s lives more fully? Identify why you’ve lost touch in the first place. Did your friendship officially or unofficially end? Was there betrayal or disloyalty involved? Why you stopped talking to each other will influence how you approach the person and how that acquaintance responds to you.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Reconnect with your friends with a message or conversation and arrange to meet with them. , Revisit old memories with friends from photos and stories.,

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