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Slide "Numbers published by charity Carers UK state that there is an estimated 13.6 million people in the UK caring for a loved one during the pandemic." Lots of carers need support now more than ever Carers UK Slide "Just 7% of all carers receive support, and of those, about half received advice and information only." Local Authorities struggle to provide support Social Care Innovation Hub Slide "Existing carer support services are resource intensive, hard to deliver on scale, and access is difficult. We need a new way." New approaches needed Team Bridgit

Slide Social Campaigns Helping to identify carers Most Carers don't see themselves as Carers. They're just helping the ones they love. Through targeted social media we help carers self identify as carers and access the support they deserve 1 Slide Carer Assessments Making assessments easy We provide structured assessments available both online and within our app to submit to Local Authorities.

The assessments are designed to be easy to complete and link into wider support and resources in our carer support app.
2 Call
Slide Carer Application Instant carer support Our carer support app provides a one stop resource for carers.

Carers are guided through a structured process.

Our video guide helps the carer to set care goals, identify local services, support, and products.
Slide 4 Carer Support Calls On demand and scalable Carers can connect to our carer support service at a time that suits them.

Carer support calls are easy to book and available as either a video or phone call
Slide 5 Personal care devices Technology enabled care We have developed accessible and innovative devices to reassure, direct, and empower carers to provide remote support. Slide 6 Carer Analytics Data powered care We help Local Authorities understand their carer population, track progress with campaigns, and understand emerging challenges within the carer community.
How we help

Template Set your own care goals to organise your life. 01 Access expert advice anywhere, anytime. 02 Receive a personalized plan to help you achieve your goals. 03 Easily track your progress over time. 04 Understand your emotions and mental health. 05 Find local and national services to help you in your caring. 06 With the free Bridgit app you can:

Slide Joan is struggling Caring is hard & sometimes lonely Joan's juggling looking after her dad, as well as trying to keep up with work and the kids.

Although she spends a lot of time looking after dad, she doesn't know she's a carer, and doesn't access support.
Slide Joan spots an advert Helping carers identify Within Joans facebook she spots an advert from the Local Authority. It explains what a carer is and how to get support with a link to the Bridgit support app. 2 Slide Joan gets help Instant carer support 3 Joan easily downloads the Bridgit support app (available on Android & IoS) and starts to get the help she needs.

Within 20 minutes she's started her journey to improve her life as a carer.
Submits a Carer Assessment to her Local Authority Accesses real-time support and guidance Joins a local support group Subscribes to carer support webinars Within the app Joan : Books a care support call help screen_share
Slide 4 Joan no longer feels alone Easy to access care coaches Joan speaks to Natalie a Bridgit care coach. She talks about her challenges and goals that she's tracking in the app, and Natalie helps signpost her to some local services and support. Carers Support Service - Your Time Bridgit Care Slide 5 Joan finds products for dad Products to reassure and support Joan is worried about her dad. He's had a couple of falls recently but still likes to go out.

The pushbutton he has isn't good enough, so she gets the Bridgit watch so he can be fully supported everywhere.
Slide 6 Joan gets more help Data powered care Using the Bridgit Carer Analytics tools, the Local Authority spot gaps in local service provision and work with community groups to implement additional placed based support.
A Carer's Journey

Slide What makes Bridgit different to traditional carer support services? Free innovative carer support app Pay as you go carer support calls Free statutory assessment support Lower cost per carer supported Available anywhere (rural & urban)

Slide Simple Implementation We are here for you
We adapt to your needs As a Social Enterprise, we provide our Bridgit support app free of charge for immediate social impact. This enables carers to get instant help, and submit statutory carer assessments.

We can provide customised content, social media support, and access to on-demand Bridgit Care Coaches.

We have a simple template-based deployment and commercial approach to get you going.

Slide Approved UK government supplier Spark DPS Slide Certified and Secure Social Enterprise

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