I\’m worried that my learning disability/difficulty will impact the care I can give

Why don\’t you try? : Find out what support you can get as a carer with a learning difficulty or disability

  • The Care Act sets out the following rights for people who care for a disabled adult:
  • A carer will be entitled to an assessment if it appears that they need support. The carer\’s assessment must establish whether the carer is willing and able to continue providing care to the disabled person they are caring for, what impact this has on the carer\’s wellbeing, what outcomes the carer wishes in day-to-day life, and whether the carer wishes to access education, training, or recreational activities.
  • The carer will have the same rights to an assessment and support as the disabled adult themselves. Therefore once a carer\’s assessment has been carried out, the local authority will see which of the carer\’s needs are eligible for support, and will then produce a support plan to meet the carer\’s needs.
  • Local authorities are under a duty to meet a carer\’s eligible needs, subject to a financial assessment.

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Here\’s a tip for you to try this week :

Organise a simple needs assessment and/or carers assessment for yourself., Speak to any relevant health professionals you may have such as a GP or the learning disability team about your concerns.,

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