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I’m thinking of leaving work and caring full time

I’m thinking of leaving work and caring full time

Why don’t you try? : What to consider about leaving work to be a carer full time

Risks of Leaving Work for Caregivers

Decreased Retirement Savings:
Without a job, you’ll miss out on the ability to participate in an employer’s retirement plan. Unless you had a healthy retirement plan before you quit your job, your financial future is likely to be bleak. In fact, most family caregivers who give up their jobs end up withdrawing funds from their savings and retirement accounts prematurely to offset their lost income and cover monthly expenses.

Stale Job Skills: As other colleagues in your field move up and gain experience, your skills are likely to wane during your unemployment. Countless people have left the workforce and been unpleasantly surprised to find that new educational requirements, technological expertise and training are now required for jobs similar to the ones they held before.

Difficulty Re-entering the Workforce:
It’s easier to get a new job when you already have one, compared to job hunting while unemployed. In today’s tight job market, re-entering the workforce may not be easy, especially with a significant gap in employment on your resume.

Caregiver Isolation:
ot everyone is cut out to be a full-time caregiver. You may find that, while you are glad not to be juggling a job and caregiving responsibilities, you miss the work atmosphere, your pay check and the social interaction you had as an employed person. Caregiving can be a profoundly lonely job.

As with all issues in caregiving, there is no black and white answer. For some, leaving work for caregiving is the only right thing to do. For others, it can lead to financial ruin and a lost sense of purpose and identity outside of providing care.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Have a discussion with your manager or supervisor about flexible working options, Work out what the financial impact will be on your incomings and future pension entitlement, Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team,

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