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I’m not sure what options I have if I resign

I’m not sure what options I have if I resign

Why don’t you try? : Information to consider before resigning

You may not have to resign to take on caring.
Your employer may be able to offer you:

  • A career break – this unpaid break from working can be from six months to three years
  • Voluntary redundancy – if you don’t want to go back to work for the same employer and redundancies are being made, your employer may welcome a voluntary redundancy
  • Early retirement.

Talk to your employer or someone in your human resources (HR) department to see if any of these options are available to you.

Carer’s assessment
Whether you choose to work, care or a combination of both, you are entitled to a carer’s assessment. This takes into account your needs (for example, if you want to work) and what help the person you care for might need in your absence.
Talk to you local Health and Social Care Trust for further information.

Source: NI Direct
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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Have a discussion with your manager or supervisor about flexible working options, Use a benefit checker such as Turn2Us or visit to see if you are entitled to any additional benefits or financial support, Book an appointment with a member of the Bridgit Carer Coach team, Enquire and book a Carers Assessment with your Local Authority or Local Carers Service regarding support you need as a carer., Discuss with your employer your current situation and what options may be available to you,

You can visit the Bridgit Shop at anytime to find our what products and services can support you.

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