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I’m not sure how to help with their dementia

I’m not sure how to help with their dementia

Why don’t you try? : Find out how to help someone with dementia

Looking after someone with dementia

As dementia progresses there are some things which can help manage day to day living.

If communication becomes challenging you might find simple things like using shorter sentences can help. Some great tips from the NHS website.
Keeping your house dementia friendly can also make life easier & and help you worry less. For example, have good lighting and try things like brightly coloured cloths and towels. Useful tips from the NHS website.

Carers Trust has a great leaflet on guidance for caring for someone with dementia, you can find it here .
Dementia UK also has plenty of information about dementia and caring, click here to see their website .

Make sure:

  • You have a carer’s assessment. It is a chance to discuss your needs with your local council.
  • Your GP knows you are a carer as they may be able to offer you support.
  • The person you care for has had an assessment of the their needs from your local council.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Contact your local dementia support group or contact Dementia UK this week to ask for advice, Loan a book from your library from the Reading Well Dementia Booklist,

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