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I’m confused with all the options available, who can I speak to?

I’m confused with all the options available, who can I speak to?

Why don’t you try? : How to know what insurance is best

Deciding what life insurance policy is right for you depends on a few factors.

It’s good to start with how much life insurance you think you’ll need and whether you already have any cover in place, through your employer, for example. This is known as death in service cover.
You can then look at the various different types of cover available.
You might want a level term policy that keeps the same pay out all the way through, or decreasing term cover that reduces over time as your mortgage debt lowers.
Alternatively, you could take out whole-of-life cover which runs until you die and then pays a tax-free lump sum to our loved ones.
It’s also the right time to consider critical illness cover. This type of insurance gives you financial security should you be involved in an accident or be stricken with an illness that means you can no longer work.
If you’re over 50 you may want to consider a specialist policy & cover usually becomes more expensive as you get older, but an over 50s life insurance policy offers guaranteed acceptance.

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Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

Book an appointment with the bridgit carer coach support team, Make an appointment to speak with the Citizens Advice Bureau or a Financial Advisor about your insurance options, Search online using comparison sites for the best insurance option for your situation, Speak to friends or family about what insurances they have for advice and suggestions,

You can visit the Bridgit Shop at anytime to find our what products and services can support you.

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