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I’m angry that I’m in this position

I’m angry that I’m in this position

Why don’t you try? : Find out what to do when you feel angry

You may feel frustrated, resentful or angry & especially if you’ve given up parts of your own life. You might feel you have been given no choice about the situation.
You might end up directing this anger at family or at the person you support & which in turn could make you feel guilty.
There are various treatments available that can help you with your anger problems. Mind’s page covers:

  • Talking therapy and counselling
  • Anger management programmes
  • Help for abusive and violent behaviour

Support for your mental health

Your GP, It’s always ok to seek help, even if you are not experiencing a specific mental health problem.
Talking Treatments give you time to talk about your worries and explore difficult feelings with a trained professional. You might find it helpful to have space to talk about how looking after someone else affects you, without having to feel guilty for expressing the difficult or frustrating parts.
Resources in our A-Z list can give you a lot of specific advice about getting help for different mental health problems.

Source: Mind
Source: Mind
Source: Pexels

Here’s a tip for you to try this week :

When you feel angry take yourself out of the situation and give yourself a break and a chance to unwind, Discuss these feelings with your family and friends or with a local carers support group or care coach.,

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