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Why don\’t you try? : How to manage money better

Money management is essential whether you\’re in debt or just juggling your household costs.
These are our top money management tips, to help you stay in control of your finances.

Make a budget
Making a budget is the first step to managing your money. It clearly shows you your income and what you need to spend money on each month. Budget for one-off expenses Some expenses only happen occasionally, like Christmas and holidays. Work out how much you spend over the year on these then divide that amount by 12. You can put this money away each month until the expense or bill is due.

Save your money
You should consider saving some money every month as this will help you budget for any emergencies, or will help you plan for a secure financial future. Even if you only save a small amount each month you\’ll find that it quickly adds up.

Monitor your bank account
Make sure you\’re checking your bank account regularly. By doing this you\’ll be able to check that there\’s enough money to cover your direct debits or bills.

Check your direct debits
If you pay things by direct debit make sure you know what you\’re paying for. Check you aren\’t still paying for any services you don\’t use any more.

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Reviewed: 20/09/21

Here\’s a tip for you to try this week :

Visit the Money Helper website for information and tips on money management, Download and use the monthly budget planner template within the Bridgit Carers Pack, Use a benefit checker such as Turn2Us or visit gov.uk to see if you are entitled to any additional benefits or financial support, Speak to utility companies such as energy companies, water companies or TV License for any discounts or schemes they may provide which you may be eligible for., Register for the websites discountsforcarers.com and Carersmart.org for cashback and discount deals., Speak to family and friends about the financial situation of your loved one if you feel it impacts your own finances as well.,

You can visit the Bridgit Shop at anytime to find our what products and services can support you.

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